Traction Control System solves forklift safety issue.

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Designed for installation on any forklift, Aftermarket Traction Control System prevents drive tires from free spinning when forklift operates on slick surface and when inching pedal is dumped at high engine rpm. Plug-and-play system utilizes existing vehicle speed sensor and includes user programmable settings, direct interface to Vehicle APPS Sensor, and auxiliary switch lockout. Available for purchase or rental, programming kit comes with all necessary cables and software.

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New Aftermarket Traction Control System

New Aftermarket Traction Control System solves Maintenance, Safety, and Tire Replacement Cost issues for companies frustrated with their operators spinning tires on their forklifts. Spinning tires is a Safety Issue due to potential loss of control and the damage that may occur; a Maintenance Issue as Drive Train Components can be damaged due to operators shifting directions without first stopping; and Tire Wear Issue as the tire life is greatly reduced due to premature tire wear from the spinning of tires. This Traction Control System can be installed on ANY forklift and will provide for a Cost Effective Maintenance and Safety forklift solution. TRACTION CONTROL
Traction Control gives you all the features of the standard Speed Sensitive Shifting unit plus traction control. Traction Control prevents the drive tires from free spinning when a forklift operates on slick surfaces such as ice, oil, water, dust and ash covered surfaces. The system further limits tire spinning when the inching pedal is dumped at high engine RPMs. FEATURES include:
o User programmable settings
o Shift light (Optional)
o Plug-n-Play installation
o Direct interface to Vehicle APPS Sensor
- Adaptability on older model trucks
o Utilizes existing vehicle speed sensor
- if sensor is inductive or NPN style
o Engine braking (Optional)
o Auxiliary Switch Lockout PROGRAMMING KIT
The programmer is available for purchase or rental. The programmer comes with all necessary cables and software. This provides an intuitive user interface where programming parameters can be stored to and retrieved from Disk. Programming parameters can also be printed on paper. PROGRAM MABLE VALUES
o Shift speeds - GO/NO GO shift speeds
o Shift delays - time between when all shift parameters are "GO" to when transmission shifts
o Throttle control option - transmission will not shift when engine RPM is above set limits
o Throttle delays - allows mass of engine to return to idle before shifting
o Engine braking (Optional) - when shifting above accepted set travel speed, vehicle stays in gear (of current travel direction) and automatically reduces engine speed to selected settings (slightly above idle) thus using engine assisted braking to help slow truck.
o Auxiliary Switch Lockout - automatically defaults transmission in Neutral when operator vacates driver's seat with engine running and transmission engaged or the inching pedal is depressed for an extended period of time.. Southland Equipment Service, Inc., serving material handling needs started serving the lift truck market in 1971 as a Service Company and has built its reputation on Quality Service. Our dedication to customer service has earned hundreds of loyal customers, numerous awards, and a positive reputation in our industry and community. For further information visit and inquire about the Traction Control System Henry W. Richardson
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