Track-Driven Tractor pulls scrapers over rough terrain.

Press Release Summary:

Model 4206D/T converts output of Tier II, 422 hp DaimlerChrysler diesel engine with 1,486 lbf/ft of torque into 65,000 lbf of drawbar pull, sufficient to pull up to 3 fully loaded 18-yd pull scrapers in tandem. Four 6,000 lb rubber track-drive modules provide traction, and each includes 36 in. wide continuous rubber track that minimizes surface damage. Controlled Traction Differentials distribute balanced torque in proportion to traction demand of wheels/tracks.

Original Press Release:

New Bell Track-Driven Tractor Pulls Scrapers Over Rough Terrain

Savannah, GA - Bell Equipment recently announced a high-torque, track-driven tractor designed and built to pull scrapers over the toughest terrain.

The cost-effective concept of pull scraping has recently found its way into the North American construction markets. With roots in agriculture, pull scraping has for many years proven itself a low-cost method for moving dirt fast. As such, these machines and the tractors that pull them were originally designed to move semi-cohesive and granular soils over relatively flat land with minimal rock or cohesive content.

In 2002, Bell introduced their 4206D wheel driven tractor with excellent horsepower and torque characteristics, designed for bigger pulls of tougher materials over somewhat difficult terrain. This machine has been extremely well received, providing the power necessary to move up to 54 yards of material in one pass. This introduction forced the pull scraper manufacturers to toughen up their lines to withstand the extra pulling power. These changes have enabled site preparation contractors to move more dirt more quickly at a lower cost per ton than ever before.

Bell has now gone the next step, by once again raising the bar to accommodate even tougher terrains and more difficult tractive conditions with the introduction of the new Model 4206D/T. This rubber track-driven model converts the output of its Tier II, 422 hp DaimlerChrysler diesel engine with 1,486 lbf/ft of torque, into 65,000 lbf of drawbar pull, sufficient to pull up to three, fully loaded, 18-yard pull scrapers in tandem over rough terrain. While actual productivity will depend in part on the type of material to be moved and the experience of the operator, even greater loads may be achieved in many applications.

Following in the footprint of Bell's highly successful and field-proven wheel version, the 4206D/T features four rubber track-drive modules that provide added traction over a wide range of landscapes and applications.

Each 6000-pound module includes a 36 inch-wide continuous rubber track that minimizes surface damage while providing excellent flotation over adverse conditions. Traction is enhanced by this unique track design while rubberized idlers and bogies provide a cushioned ride.

Like the wheel version, the 4206D/T enables the entire earthmoving operation to move faster. In most applications, scrapers can typically pick up material more than twice as fast as a excavator/truck operation.

On the delivery end of the transaction, the tractor/scraper format enables the material to be dumped, spread and compacted faster, for optimum productivity. All of the above with only one operator.

Unlike other towing devices, the new Bell tractor is designed especially for pull scraping applications. The control panel and hydraulics are fully adjustable to suit various scraping conditions, which precisely address the correct throttle, gearing and power requirements. Range-hold switching prevents auto-upshifting and gear hunting during hill-climbing operations.

An interaxle lock provides even traction to both axles, while the Controlled Traction Differentials (CTD) distribute a balanced torque in proportion to the traction demand of the individual wheels/tracks over extreme terrain and slippery materials.

In addition to its scraping chores, the tractor doubles as an excellent device for moving water trailers, belly dump trailers and towed vibratory compactors around the jobsite. Depending on the application, site conditions and productivity requirements, the water distribution or compaction tools may be connected in tandem with the pull scraper/s for increased savings.

With over a 20-year head start, thanks in part to Bell's earthmoving experience with their very popular Articulated Dump Truck line, the 4206D and now 4206D/T Tractors from Bell bring increased productivity to earthmoving applications on construction sites. For more information, please contact your local Bell Equipment dealer or Bell directly at 877- 966-2615. Or log on to

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