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CHESTERLAND OH – Workers managing temperature in frozen transport and storage, HVAC remote monitoring, and checking instrumentation and machinery need a quick way to archive and alarm their projects. For these applications, CAS DataLoggers offers a low-cost range of Infrared Data Loggers designed to measure and record a variety of values from temperature to pulse. Now you can capture all your data without any physical connection. We offer several infrared monitors logging temperature, voltage, 4-20mA signals, and pulse, all for a fraction of the cost of complicated alarming systems. Infrared handheld data collection simplifies your data collection—at the touch of a button you’ll see all your data! Delivering high accuracy and instant alarm capabilities, these compact data loggers are a cost-effective monitoring solution for any project.

Infrared communication capability allows you instant access to your critical information without worrying about troublesome wiring or installation. These compact and rugged devices connect to a wide variety of sensor types including type J, K, S or T thermocouples and Pt-100/Pt-1000 platinum RTDs for a broad measurement range. Models are also available with internal thermistor sensors. These data loggers can also measure additional values including DC voltage for machine monitoring, 4-20mA signals for industrial process control, and pulse/switch closures for recording and timestamping digital input status. Each datalogger also has a convenient warning function to alert you the moment your values go out of specification.

Especially useful in humid and damp environments, these durable waterproof loggers support an infrared interface and list your current data on easy-to-read displays. Each data logger has a large logging capacity of up to 16,000 readings and utilizes low energy consumption for long battery life.

We also offer an infrared Handheld Data Collector designed to collect all recorded data from the data loggers. Now you can gather and check recorded data on the spot using the LCD display without having to manually gather the data loggers. You can also access time-saving settings such as “Recording Interval” and “Recording Start” directly from the collector into the loggers. Storing up to 256,000 readings, the collector has a battery life of about 100 days at 1 hour of daily use and communicates with the infrared loggers and a PC via USB & RS-232C.

For customers requiring a wireless solution, CAS DataLoggers also offers wireless data loggers which monitor all the above parameters but add remote communication capability so users can retrieve the data from even greater distances such as across a parking lot or plant floor.

For more information on the new infrared T&D TR-5i Wireless Datalogger series, other wireless dataloggers from T&D, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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