TPU Alloys are phthalate free and stretchable.

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With vertical elongation of 800% and high tensile strength, plasticizer free Neuthane® soft-grade N8511 H Series thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) alloys are suited for medical and other applications that include disposable thin-wall extruded tubing used in laparoscopic surgery procedures such as knee surgery or injection molded products. Stretchable alloys have Shore A hardness between 65 or 75, depending on formulation.

Original Press Release:

NEU Launches New Phthalate Free, Very Stretchy Thermoplastic Polyurethane for Special Medical and Other Demanding Product Applications

Softness, Elongation Are Two of Many Benefits

NORTH HAVEN, CT - A new, phthalate (plasticizer) free very stretchable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) alloy from NEU - New England Urethane - promises to offer enhanced product design and application parameters for medical product and other designers and manufacturers.

With a vertical elongation of 800% and higher plus a high tensile strength, the new Neuthane® soft-grade N8511 H Series of TPU alloys make the new material ideally suited for applications that include disposable thin-wall extruded tubing used in laparoscopic surgery procedures. Favorable stretch characteristics enable instruments of various sizes to be inserted into the molded product. Shore A hardness can be between 65 or 75, depending on the formulation, giving the end product an additional benefit - preferred softness.

NEU notes that no order is too small, setting NEU apart from its competition who will only consider larger orders, making product development difficult for designers or smaller manufacturers.

Prior to the introduction of this type of TPU, plasticizers had to be used to make the material softer, with the caveat that plasticizers are known to be fugitive, often resulting in gradual rehardening. Further, in overmolding applications, plasticizers have a tendency to attack ABS or polycarbonate, resulting in crazing.

The compounded materials crystallize quickly to offer molding characteristics similar to plasticized TPUs of the same hardness. The TPU is not sticky or tacky, plus has good clarity.

NEU, founded in 1988, is a leading North American producer of smooth running, custom compounded engineering plastic and polyurethane compounds, serving customers around the globe. The company also offers a full range of technical services. Products are of the highest quality and consistency, custom created to solve demanding industrial and medical device manufacturing problems and design demands, whether they require lubricity, biocompatibility, strength, barrier or other properties. The firm is noted for exceptional twin and single screw melt compounds that are competitively priced and delivered quickly and reliably.

Further information on the new soft and highly elastic grades of Neusoft 8511H TPUs can be obtained from NEU, 15 Corporate Drive, North Haven, CT 06473. Tel: 203-239-9629. Fax: 203-239-1192. E-mail:


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