Toyoda's Flexible Pallet Automation Achieves Highest Spindle Utilization

Arlington Heights, IL - Toyoda Machinery offers modular and expandable automation with its Flexible Pallet Automation (FPA) systems. Toyoda's FPA systems dramatically enhance the production capabilities of horizontal machining centers by automating tasks like machine loading and unloading.

The system is easily upgradeable and can be customized to suit any production environment. A single system can accommodate up to 20 machines and 300 pallets. Ideal when floor space is tight, in-line pallet buffer racks can be stacked vertically at one, two or three levels high. They can be expanded to the left or right, and have pallets on one or both sides of the rail. Different pallet sizes are even allowed within one system so that various machining centers can be linked in a single multi-purpose cell.

Parts are delivered to the machine(s) by a rail-guided vehicle (RGV). The welded construction, linear guideways and high-speed RGV support high rates of acceleration. The detection system on the RGV secures the correct pallet every time. An identification system double-checks the pallet as it loads. Toyoda's FPA automates machine loading and unloading to achieve spindle utilization well over 90 percent while reducing operator involvement.

Toyoda's PC-based Mach-III Cell Control software centralizes control of all machines, work stations and pallets. This helps optimize production schedules, automate tasks and run lights-out on nights and weekends. The Cell Controller maintains constant, real-time communication to all machines in the cell. Detailed production reports, tool management data, and operator logs automate data collection and provide information critical to managing a successful business.

Toyoda Machinery is one of the largest machine tool manufacturers worldwide. Toyoda is an engineering-driven company that builds, supplies and services flexible machining systems, horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers and grinding machines. Toyoda Machinery headquarters is located in Arlington Heights, IL. The Automotive Products Division is located in Wixom, MI. For more information call 847-253-0340 or visit


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