Tovatech Offers Full Line of Kern Digital Laboratory Balances and Industrial Scales

Analytical balances, bench scales, counting scales, lab balances and platform scales for weighing in pharmaceutical, food processing, laboratory, and industrial applications.

South Orange, NJ, (March 17, 2010) - A broad selection of digital scales, analytical balances, crane scales, precision weighing scales and platform scales manufactured by Kern is available from Tovatech. Kern digital scales and digital balances are used when accuracy is critical in research, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and related applications. All come with a warranty of 2+ years.

"Examples of Kern digital counting scales include the CXB entry-level model featuring a counting resolution of 30,000 points, and the CPB mid-level model with a counting resolution of 60,000 points plus an RS232 data interface," says Tovatech director Dr. Rachel Kohn. "An audible fill-to-target signal is offered in the CWS premium digital counting scale." At the top of the line is the CDS counting scale delivering a resolution up to 300,000 points. "The CDS scale is equipped with a graphic control panel that eliminates learning time for untrained users," Dr. Kohn says.

Kern's high-capacity digital crane scales meet lifting requirements to 10,000 kg (~ 22,000 pounds). "Models in this family are equipped with LED displays for easy viewing," Dr. Kohn points out. "The heavy-duty industrial crane scales feature wireless remote control operation."

Precision weighing scales from Tovatech include Kern's 572, 573 and 440 industrial bench scales for general purpose weighing, counting or checkweighing. "These scales offer piece counting with reference quantities of 1, 5, 10 and 20 pieces," Dr. Kohn says. "When used with a statistics printer they fulfill GLP/ISO record-keeping requirements." The PRS/PRJ precision balances deliver top-of-the-line performance and rugged design for the highest productivity along with the added benefit of Internet-enabled software updates.

Kern digital platform scales offer features such as movable display devices, piece counting capabilities, an animal weighing program, IP 65 protection against dust and water, and battery packs to support increased mobility. For parcels, counting, mixing, and checking Dr. Kohn recommends the low-cost multifunctional DE model. "The DS industrial bench scale is a good choice for tolerance range checkweighing applications," she says, "while the high end of the line is represented by the ITB, ITS and ITT series of robust modular industrial scales."

Calibration certificates are available from Kern's accredited calibration laboratory in Germany. Tovatech's professional staff provides technical assistance to match industrial and laboratory scales to the tasks being performed.

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Tovatech is a distributor of laboratory equipment to the US, Canada, and Mexico. The company specializes in digital scales, pharmaceutical laboratory equipment and ultrasonic cleaners. Tovatech is staffed by chemists and engineers dedicated to providing the right equipment for the food, drug, chemical, healthcare, and equipment manufacturing and maintenance sectors.

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