Tovatech Moisure Analyzer Model MLS

Tovatech announces the Kern innovative moisture analyzer, model MLS. Moisture analyzer with advanced functionality and memory. MLS moisture analyzers provide fast and accurate moisture content, percent solids and dry weight analysis of a wide range of products and materials. Moisture content data is provided as a percentage of initial mass or of the residual dry mass. It has Fast accurate moisture analysis, halogen heating, easy to operate- ideal for QC. It analyzes broad variety of materials Also includes a durable- 3 year warranty, in stock for fast delivery. Balance has memory for 99 complete drying processes.

Features include; Heating from 50 - 160°C, halogen heaters for rapid heating. The data can be printed or saved to PC via RS-232 interface, can be connected to PC keyboard. GLP record keeping of weighing data, backlit LCD graphic display with step-by-step user guidance and digit height 20 mm. Selectable languages: German, English, Spanish. This balance contains memory for automatic sequence of 99 complete drying processes. Per memory location: 12 free characters, 4 programmable heating profiles: standard, fast, staged (freely selectable time / temperature stages), and soft. Quick calibration with external weights. Terminates drying when weight is constant or after fixed time period, displays last measured value till replaced by new measurement. The temperature can be checked and re-adjusted if necessary using the optional automatic temperature calibration set (using RS232). Also ambient conditions: 10ºC - 40ºC, max. 80% air humidity; not condensing


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