Tovatech Moisure Analyzer Model MLB

Tovatech announces the Kern innovative moisture analyzer, model MLB. State of the art moisture analyzer for routine use. MLB 50-3 moisture balances provide fast and accurate moisture content, percent solids and dry weight analysis of a wide range of products and materials. Moisture content data is provided as a percentage of initial mass or of the residual dry mass. It has fast accurate moisture analysis, easy to operate- ideal for QC. It analyzes broad variety of materials. This moisture analyzer has a durable- 3 year warranty and in stock for fast delivery.

Features include; Controlled drying process with 2 halogen quartz heaters. Heating from 50-160°C in steps up to 1°C. It terminates drying when weight is constant or after fixed time period. Displays last measured value till replaced by new measurement, data can be printed or saved to PC via RS-232 interface. I has quick calibration with external weights, opptional temperature calibration set: sensor and display device. Also, 3 LED displays: temperature, drying status, drying time, ambient conditions: 15°C - 35°C, max. 80% air humidity; not condensing. Balance contains memory for automatic sequence of 20 complete drying processes and 4 programmable heating profiles: standard, fast, staged (freely selectable time / temperature stages), and soft.


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