Touchpad Exit Controller blends into facility's environment.

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Used to secure exits in Code Alert® Wandering Management and Safe Place® Infant and Pediatric Solutions, Touchpad Exit Controller features discreet design using white LED backlight that illuminates touchpad only when digit is pressed. Full, 10-digit touchpad enables staff to implement secure bypass code that is difficult for at-risk residents or non-authorized persons to learn or guess. TEC can send alarm information to central computer station, which can forward alert to mobile devices.

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RF Technologies® Introduces New Touchpad Exit Controller

Controller blends into facilities and has an easy-to-use, responsive, light-up touchpad

BROOKFIELD, Wis., -- RF Technologies(®), a leading provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) healthcare safety and security solutions, has released a Touchpad Exit Controller (TEC) with a discreet design that blends into a facility's environment.

The TEC is a key component of the Code Alert(®) Wandering Management and Safe Place(®) Infant and Pediatric Solutions, which include 24-hour perimeter monitoring or transmitter-based protection. When a resident or patient wearing a transmitter comes within range of a monitored exit, near-door antennas register the transmitter's presence and communicate with the TEC to secure the exit.

To clear alarms or reset the system, staff members enter a code on the TEC's responsive touchpad. Designed based on customer feedback, the TEC has a white LED backlight that illuminates the touchpad when a digit is pressed. When not in use, the backlight turns off, creating a discreet controller that blends into a facility's surroundings.

"The new TEC is directly in line with our 25-year tradition of delivering safe, discreet and effective security solutions to our customers," said Paul Larson, vice president of product development at RF Technologies. "It takes safety, security and exit monitoring to a new level, combining ease of use, enhanced technology, and a contemporary design."

When pressing the touchpad, a soft beep assures users their selection has been made. The full, 10-digit touchpad enables staff to implement a more secure bypass code that is difficult for at-risk residents or non-authorized persons to learn or guess.

The TEC is also capable of sending alarm information to a central computer station, which can forward the alert to optional mobile devices such as cell phones, pagers and Quick Look((TM)) LED displays. The controller's supervised wiring and tamper switches notify staff if damage, vandalism or loss of power occurs.

The Code Alert Wandering Management Solution is used to protect residents in senior living communities. Residents at risk of elopement wear small, lightweight RFID transmitters that promote mobility and a home-like environment. Hospitals and birthing centers use the Safe Place Infant and Pediatric Security Solution to help prevent abductions. An Elopement Management Solution is also available for flight-risk patients in emergency rooms and acute care, reducing one-to-one watches.

Watch a short video of the TEC in operation at RF Technologies will also demo the TEC at upcoming national trade shows: The American Health Care Association (AHCA) in booth 1541 from Oct. 8-9, and LeadingAge in booth 1815 from Oct. 22-24. The shows are in Tampa, Fla., and Denver, respectively.

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RF Technologies is celebrating its 25(th) year designing and delivering comprehensive, integrated RFID-based safety and security solutions for senior care communities and hospitals, including Code Alert(®) Wandering Management and Quick Response(®) Wireless Call, Sensatec(®) Fall Management, and Safe Place(®) Infant, Pediatric, and Elopement Management. RF Technologies is credited with inventing the first RFID infant security system, which was developed by nurse clinicians. With more than 10,000 installations, it was the first in the industry to offer remote monitoring, RF consulting, 24/7 technical support by internal staff specialists, and a nationwide service team. Learn more at

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