Touch Screen Panels minimize scratches.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring thin micro sheet of glass bonded to face, DTS416 Series 5-Wire Analog Resistive Touch Panels offer 7 Mohs hardness, minimizing scratches and abrasion. Panels require operating force of less than 100 g and provide 80% transparency with 4.5% haze. They can be used with gloved hand or passive stylus in wet or harsh working environments.

Original Press Release:

Densitron adds "True" Glass Resistive Touch Screen Product line!

5 Wire Glass Film Glass Analogue Resistive Touch Panels for superior durability and reliability:

Extraordinary combination of traditional resistive touch with the addition of a glass cover lens offers and extremely cost competitive hardened sensor for use with a gloved hand, wet or harsh working environment or a passive stylus is required.

- Works with Thick Gloves

- Works when extremely wet or with salt water!

- Transparency is 80% Typ.

- Haze 4.5%

- Operating force < 100g

- Impact: 25.0 Dia. Steel Ball / 67g Height = 100 cm

- Durability 10M times (knock test, see data sheet)

- Scratch Resistant: Hardness - 7 Mohs

- Drift - repeated calibration typically unnecessary

- Works with passive stylus

Instead of being satisfied with the typical scratch prone low cost film to glass technology, the addition of a thin micro sheet of glass bonded to the face of the film to glass touch screen allows the Densitron DTS416 family of touch screens to offer 7 Mohs scratch hardness dramatically reducing scratches and abrasion. This approach produces an extremely cost competitive glass surfaced touch screen suitable to a wide array of applications. Suited to almost any all weather, industrial or instrument grade touch display application.

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