Touch Screen HMIs offer varying degrees of functionality.

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Offered in 5 basic model variations, H series touch screen, function-key, and hybrid operator interfaces feature backlit HMI screens from 3-10.4 in. with blue mono STN to 256 color TFT LCD displays. Standard versions include alarm and event management features, animated graphics, macro or ladder features, and multilingual support. Plus versions add data and recipe handling capabilities and multi-function port, while network versions also add integral 10 Base T Ethernet port.

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The New H Series Gives Customers More Choice

As one of the world's largest HMI manufacturers, Beijer Electronics is dedicated to provide their customers the very latest in cutting edge technology. To ensure that HMI customers have technology at prices that suits their specific needs, Beijer Electronics has extended their comprehensive HMI portfolio and released the new H series, offering a flexible "pay only for what you use" approach to HMIs.

The elegant H series of touch screen, function-key and hybrid operator interfaces come in 5 basic model variations, with screens ranging from 3" to 10.4". The bright backlit HMI screens include blue mono STN to 256 color TFT LCD displays. Buyer flexibility is aided because the operator terminals are available in Standard, Plus and Network versions, resulting in a complete range of twelve different models from which to choose.

The Standard version is a somewhat deceiving name, because it is packed full of great features such as alarm and event management, fully animated graphics, macro or ladder features, and flexible Multilanguage support for 5 freely switchable languages. The Plus version includes the vast array of features of the Standard version, and is enhanced with comprehensive data and recipe handling and a multi-function port for connecting an external printer or keyboard. The last version is the Network version, which has all the fantastic features of the Plus and comes with an integral 10 Base T Ethernet port.

Ensuring maximum machine performance the combination of the H's powerful 32 bit RISC processor and its integral 4 Mbytes of flash ROM, means these new operator terminals have the processing power to deliver high speed screen and data change.

Intuitive configuration software
Free and downloadable from the Beijer Electronics website is the H configuration software called H-DESIGNER. This intuitive software seamlessly guides the user through all aspects of the project creation using familiar Windows(TM) formats and fonts. The "Screen Manager" function makes project management simple and allows the configurator to always oversee the entire project. Using Screen Manager, the configurator can select between thumbnail and detailed zoomed views, allowing for the viewing and creation of vibrant, dynamic screens. Ideal for project cutting and pasting, browsing, editing and co-ordinating the operator terminal screens, the Screen Manager ensures easy project creation.

"Cross-reference" is a feature of the H-Designer that allows the configurator to use a common set of tag names within the software. Apart from giving a superb tag overview, this centralized data allows fast efficient project creation with the tag list being completely dynamic, meaning if data is changed in the cross-reference list, all the screens' tag data, alarms, recipes etc. are all automatically updated.

To maximize usage of the H's screens, animated graphics are available. Graphics such as bmp, jpg and gif are easily utilized as well as AutoCAD files. Graphics can be manoeuvred over pre-configured paths or can be freely moved around the screen by data from the host controller, such as a PLC.

Offline and online simulation
Making on-site commissioning minimal and helping to save valuable time and money, the comprehensive configuration software has a powerful "Offline and Online simulator". This clever tool allows for the HMI project to be thoroughly tested either on a PC or by combining the HMI with a PC to comprehensively test HMI and controller reactions, communications etc.

The H-Designer software also allows for ladder programming or macros to be created. This handy feature allows not only data in the controller to be changed, but also I/O setting/resetting and even PLC data change.

To accompany this exciting range of HMIs is a tantalizing range of free of charge communication drivers. This rapidly increasing list of drivers totals over a 100 and can be used for connecting the HMIs to various automation equipment including PLCs and Inverters. Drivers include all the main worldwide brands such as Siemens, Omron and Allen Bradley.

The H's Multi-channel communication is a unique feature that allows a different controller to be connected on each serial or Ethernet port. This flexible communications solution not only saves on buying multiple HMIs, but also removes the need for expensive protocol converters as it allows data values to be transferred between the controllers' drivers via macros, even including the use of several controller values in HMI calculations.

Targeted specifically at the competitive machine builder marketplace, the H series when combined with the recently released EXTER series, offer customers a broad new array of HMI models that can handle all possible user applications. Offering such a variety of solutions is designed to allow end users to match the technology they need to their specific application, and to ensure that they only pay for what they want to use.

Beijer Electronics
Beijer Electronics has more than 20 years' experience of developing HMI products. Our operator systems are used within manufacturing to give fast and precise information on the status of machinery and processes, thereby enhancing productivity and optimizing profit opportunities. Beijer Electronics' operator systems include a comprehensive range of operator terminals as well as PC-based systems. Please visit for further details on our company and products.

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