Toshiba BF-130B Horizontal Milling and Boring Machine

Ascension Industries is upgrading its large horizontal machining capabilities with the addition of a 2013 Toshiba BF-130B horizontal milling and boring machine. Replacement of our current Union machine will take place within the next 60 days.  We are dedicated to offering our customers cost efficient, faster, quality machining services with expanded envelope and decreased set up times.

The maximum travel of 118" in Y, adds 18" to our current capabilities. The X travel of 236", also improves travel by 24". The rapid positioning of X & Y will have a max travel speed of 393" per minute and machining speed of 160" per minute. This new Toshiba will have all the same features as the smaller Toshiba we have now, along with a few new ones that will help greatly with the larger jobs to big for the other machines. The most important new feature is the ability to put a signal point tool in the spindle and actually bore a 118" diameter bore or turn grooves like you would on a lathe. It has an automatic tool changer which will house up to 60 of the same tool holders used on our two other horizontal machines.  This saves our customers money on special tooling, and allows us to purchase additional special tooling to speed up machine times that now can be used on all three machines.

At Ascension we appreciate your business and look forward to the additional services we can offer with the arrival of our new Toshiba Large Horizontal Boring Mill.


John Domagalski

Manager, Contract Manufacturing Sales

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Inside Sales / Estimator

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Machine Shop Foreman

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