Torque Wrench Testers operate up to 20 Nm and 2,000 Nm.

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Offering accuracy of ±1%, TruCheck(TM) Testers come in standard model designed for click-type torque wrenches and TruCheck(TM) Plus model, which can test click, dial, and electronic wrenches. Basic model has no changeable settings, while Plus model allows user to select units of torque measurement and type of wrench being tested. Constructed on steel mounting plates with polypropylene outer shells, both models are suitable for repair shops, including those handling heavy-duty vehicles.

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New torque wrench testers operating up to 20 N.m and 2000 N.m have recently been added to the popular TruCheck(TM) range from Norbar Torque Tools, which has proved invaluable for repair shops, including those handling heavy duty vehicles such as trucks and buses, plus a range of industrial applications.

Easy to use, TruCheck(TM) provides instant and accurate day-to-day checks to ensure that torque wrenches are accurate, while also reducing the time and costs involved in regularly involving outside suppliers of calibration services. With an accuracy of ± 1%, the instrument comes in two variations: the standard TruCheck(TM) designed for click-type torque wrenches and TruCheck(TM) Plus, which can test click, dial and electronic wrenches.

Philip Brodey of Norbar explained that TruCheck(TM) testers are compatible with torque wrenches from other manufacturers as well as Norbar, allowing users to cut costs without cutting corners on health & safety. "With daily checks, which are very simple to carry out, the visits that garage workshops require from calibrators can be reduced in frequency. This can mean significant cost savings without any compromise on the fitness for purpose of torque tools. In fact, checking settings often and regularly is an important contribution to the safety and effectiveness of the wrench."

The main benefit of the basic TruCheck(TM) model is that it has no changeable settings, so the operator simply sets the torque on the click wrench, applies it to the tester and the actual torque applied is displayed on the tester's LED screen.

The more advanced TruCheck(TM) Plus allows the user to select units of torque measurement (N.m, lbf.ft or and the type of torque wrench being tested (click, dial or electronic). As well as the LED numeric display, a tolerance band can be set and results shown by coloured lights to indicate whether torque is high (red) within tolerance (green) or low (amber). Data can be downloaded to a PC for storage or for the production of calibration certificates.

TruCheck testers are robustly constructed on steel mounting plates with polypropylene outer shells. The compact and elegant design sits on any work bench and will reduce the time and costs associated with torque calibration.

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Newton metre (N.m) = the level of torque resulting from the force of one Newton at a distance of one metre.

lbf = pounds force

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