Torque Motor Power Controller works with 3-phase AC motors.

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Able to control power supply without losing torque output, TMP-1 allows complete control between controller and motor. It also offers 3 methods for setting torque and provides option to change torque between 2 levels by switching between internal potentiometer and external potentiometer/voltage. Other standard features include alarm output function, instantaneous bidirectional operation by CW/CCW signal switching, and switching of signal input logic between sink and source.

Original Press Release:

Oriental Motors Introduces TMP-1 Torque Motor Power Controller

First of its kind offering allows users to control power supply without losing torque.

Torrance, CA - Oriental Motor USA is pleased to introduce the TMP-1 torque motor power controller. The innovative TMP-1 controller maximizes the amount of control users have over torque motors by giving them the ability to control power supply without losing torque output.

The introduction of the TMP-1 allows users complete control between controller and motor in addition to guaranteed performance-all provided by the same company with the shortest standard product lead times in the industry.

Torque motors are ideal for applying constant torque for winding applications, push-motion mechanisms and other situations where torque must be adjusted. The TMP-1 works with a wide range of 3 phase AC motors from Oriental Motor in output ranges from 3 - 20 watts.

The TMP-1 torque motor power controller works by using the internal torque potentiometer on the power controller which allows the motor torque to be easily adjusted. The controller also offers three methods for setting torque and provides users the option to change torque between two levels by switching between the internal potentiometer and an external potentiometer/voltage. An alarm output function, instantaneous bi-directional operation by CW/CCW signal switching and witching of signal input logic between sink and source also come as standard features on the TMP-1 controller.

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