Torque Limiter Solution Significantly Reduces Downtime Problems

Mach III was contacted by a power generation facility in which large, manually-operated
control valves are utilized. The quarter-turn valves, located 16 feet in the air, are driven
through right angle worm reducers. In as much as human beings are not equipped with
torque sensors in their muscles, costly downtime failures were occurring when workers
applied excess force to the worm reducer via the chain wheel. The result: broken gears.
A single gear replacement can exceed $2,000.00 in parts and labor costs.

closely with the facility's engineer, Mach III designed a special keyless friction torque
limiter, analogous to the gas screw cap on your automobile, to connect the chain wheel
to the reducer shaft.
In addition to designing and manufacturing the torque limiter, Mach III also provided the
customer with a mounting diagram, including suggested dimensions for machining their
existing chain wheel to accept the new device. Although Mach III offers the service of
machining existing mating components, in this case, the customer's shop was
comfortable with the task. The torque limiter was successfully installed and adjusted to
a setting that would slip to protect the worm reducer when the worker applied force on
the chain.

Those accustomed to working with other clutch suppliers might assume that only an
application promising a considerable production quantity would merit this level of
attention. But this customer needed only three torque limiters, and invested
approximately $1,000.00. To understand Mach III's enthusiasm for addressing these
types of very specific solutions, one need only to hear the report from the customer:
"The new system worked perfectly. We are continuing to work with Mach III on adapting
other valve systems throughout the facility."

Mach III Clutch, Inc., for over 60 years, has designed and manufactured a wide array of
standard and custom designed clutches, brakes, and torque limiters. The Company is
headquartered in Ludlow, KY, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio.

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