Torlon Fasteners Reduce Maintenance in Airline Industry

Issaquah, Washington - Marketing Masters is a leading provider of Torlon® composite clip nuts and inserts that set new standards for the Aircraft and Aerospace industry. Torlon, a high-strength engineering polymer, is stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, and completely non-corrosive, making it the material of choice for many fastening applications within an aircraft. Torlon® will not scratch, maintains its strength and stiffness up to 500°F, and has the ability to withstand high torque loads. Marketing Master Composite fasteners are also Chromium and Chromate free, which make them compliant with the new FAA and European Union Regulations.

At one airline, corrosion in the floor support structure of their aircraft was a recurring maintenance issue for their fleet, costing them millions annually. One of the causes was corrosion occurring with old style steel clip nuts. Enter the Torlon composite clip nut. Replacing the steel clip nuts with Marketing Masters FAA-PMA approved solution, the corrosion problem was completely eliminated. Subsequent inspections years after the initial installation still show no evidence of corrosion in that area.

"Marketing Masters' composite clip nuts and inserts are used extensively in honeycomb panel fasteners for the Aircraft and Aerospace industry," stated Jacques Gauron, VP of Marketing Masters. "We are approved by the FAA and they are the standard at both Boeing and Airbus."

For more information on Torlon composite clip nuts and inserts and how they can benefit not the just aerospace industry but also the electronic, transportation, process and heavy equipment industries, visit the Marketing Masters website at, or call 1.425.454.5610.

About Marketing Masters

Marketing Masters provides revolutionary, proprietary composite clip nuts and composite inserts to the aerospace industry and beyond. Many major domestic and international commercial airlines, aerospace OEM's, prime contractors, suppliers, and MRO providers are using Marketing Masters' Torlon® clip nuts and fasteners to replace traditional metal fasteners and clips in applications such as seat track, airframe structure, and honeycomb sandwich wall and floor panels of commercial aircraft.

Due to the complex and demanding requirements for molding and curing Torlon®, very few companies have the knowledge, experience or capability to work with the material. The over twenty years experience Marketing Masters' principals have in working with Torlon® has established the company as a world leader in Torlon® non-metallic fastener production.

Today, Marketing Masters has expanded outside of the aircraft fasteners, we also design and manufacturer composite inserts and clip nuts for a variety of industries including transportation, electronics, construction and recreation. Engineers worldwide have integrated these composite fasteners into a myriad of applications. For more information on composite aircraft fasteners or our Torlon clip nuts and inserts, please contact us today.

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