Topper Industrial's Trans4mer Cart

Sturtevant, WI -January 27, 2009 - Topper Industrial, a leading material handling equipment manufacturing introduces the TRANS4MER cart. The TRANS4MER cart is a (4) four-wheel steering cart that transforms into a (2) two-wheel steering, hand-operated pushcart.

The TRANS4MER cart was designed to optimize efficiency. Having a cart that is equally as maneuverable as it is while being pulled by a tugger or pushed by an operator saves time and effort. Topper is leading the fork truck free movement and the innovative design of the TRANS4MER makes it easier for a company to go from using fork trucks to using a tugger and a train of carts. Going fork truck free saves money and makes a facility safer and more efficient.

The TRANS4MER cart changes functions when the tow bar is tipped down, the cart transforms from a pushcart into a (4) four-wheel steering cart. To return the (4) four-wheel steering cart back to push cart mode, the operator simply lifts the tow bar upwards.

Continuing with Topper Industrials excellence in design and engineering, the Trans4mer Cart has been named the 2008 Product of the Year by Plant Engineering Magazine.

Topper Industrial is a leading material handling equipment manufacturer with an emphasis on fork truck free environments. Topper Industrial products are widely used within the automotive industry and are changing the way material is moved within an assembly plant. Topper Industrial designs custom solutions for a variety of manufacturing customers.

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