Toolcarriers provide operator comfort and reduce emissions.

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IT38G Series II and IT62G Series II Integrated Toolcarriers are equipped with parallel lift linkages and integral quick couplers to handle material handling and digging tasks. Wheel loader-based machines feature electronically controlled engines that aid in fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. They also employ variable shift control, instrument cluster, machine health monitoring system, and cooling system with on-demand fan. Horsepower ratings range from 160-204 net hp.

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Caterpillar Improves IT38G Series II and IT62G Series II Integrated Toolcarriers to Reduce Emissions, Boost Fuel Efficiency and Enhance Operator Comfort

Caterpillar has improved the IT38G Series II and the IT62G Series II Integrated Toolcarriers. The versatile wheel loader-based machines are equipped with parallel lift linkages and integral quick couplers to handle a wide range of material handling and digging tasks. Each updated model now features an electronically controlled engine that boosts fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. A new cooling system with on-demand fan contributes to fuel efficiency and reduces noise and radiator plugging. For improved fuel efficiency, the new variable shift control allows the operator to select three different shift modes based on application and working preferences. Additional drive train improvements reduce operating costs. The operator station includes a new instrument cluster and machine health monitoring system to keep the operator informed.

The IT62G Series II also features new, larger tilt cylinders and a more robust linkage. Breakout force has increased by 15 percent as a result. Tipping load at full 40-degree turn has been increased by about 7 percent.

The IT38G Series II has 160 net horsepower (119 kW), and the IT62G Series II has 204 net horsepower (152 kW). The Cat® 3126B diesel engine with air to air aftercooling powers both machines, which meet EPA Tier 2 emissions standards. The ADEM(TM) III control module provides improved engine response and fuel economy. The new engine enables oil change intervals to be extended to 500 hours when using CH-4 oil.

Both machines can work productively and cost effectively in many applications, including truck loading, bulk and palletized materials handling, waste handling, recycling, site preparation and agriculture. Caterpillar offers a wide array of work tools to match the machine to the job. Work tools include material handling buckets, forks, coal buckets, woodchip buckets, side-dump buckets, lumber and log forks, material handling arms and snow plows.

Efficient power train
The new electronically controlled engine is integrated with an on-demand hydraulically driven cooling fan. The engine compensates for varying fan loads and delivers constant net horsepower so that working capabilities remain strong. The cooling system also features reverse airflow. Air enters through the rear grill, where there is less debris, and exits out the top and sides. A swing-out grill, hydraulic oil cooler and air conditioner condenser provide easy access for cleaning. And side panels open to allow access to both sides of the radiator cores.

Both toolcarriers use electronic power shift transmissions with automatic shift capability. Electronic Clutch Pressure Control modulates gear changes and improves shift quality. The new Variable Shift Control allows the operator to select one of three shift modes-Normal, Economy or Aggressive-based on the application and operating preferences. The system reduces fuel consumption in many applications.

The G-Series II machines employ the Integrated Braking System (IBS). IBS integrates downshifting and transmission neutralization into the left brake pedal for greater control and adjustability as well as extended component life.

The optional Traction Control System (TCS) available on the IT38G Series II has been improved. A new, lighted cab switch indicates when the fully automatic TCS is functioning. Sensors and connectors now are more durable.

Improved operator station
The operator station on each toolcarrier is designed to promote efficient operation throughout an entire shift. The IT62G Series II has an all-new cab.

Pilot-assisted hydraulic implement controls deliver comfortable, low-effort operation. Floor-mounted pedals are a new feature of the IT38G Series II and provide greater operator comfort. A new instrument cluster groups together gauges, status indicators and alert indicators. A three-level warning system monitors and reports on key functions. LED indicators have no bulbs to replace.

An optional, new Caterpillar® Contour air suspension seat provides increased operator comfort with six-way adjustment and automotive-style lumbar support. The IT62G Series II also has an improved ventilation system that delivers increased airflow to the operator and windows.

The front window of the larger toolcarrier is redesigned to provide unobstructed sight lines to the bucket corners and wheels. Bonded glass in the windshield eliminates frame obstructions. The IT62G Series II also has a larger roof cap to channel water away from the windshield and to act as a sunscreen.

Two new options for both toolcarriers are the Caterpillar Machine Security System for theft deterrence and Product Link, a system for monitoring machine health and location remotely.

For more information about the IT38G Series II and IT62G Integrated Toolcarriers, customers should contact their Cat dealer or visit the Caterpillar web site at

Basic Specifications for IT38G Series II and IT62G Series II
                        IT38G Series II               IT62G Series II
Engine model Cat 3126B ATAAC Cat 3126B ATAAC
Net power 160 hp (119 kW) 204 hp (152 kW)
Bucket capacity 3.0 to 3.25 yd³ (2.3 to 2.5 m³) 4.0 to 4.25 yd³ (3.1 to 3.25 m³)
Operating weight 30,183 lb (13 691 kg) 40,909 lb (18 556 kg)
Static tipping load, 15,913 lb (7218 kg) 22,496 lb (10 204 kg)
full turn
Breakout force 26,730 lb (118.9 kN) 33,497 lb (149 kN)

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