Tool Presetter shrink fits tool holders.

Press Release Summary:

ShrinkSet(TM) combination vertical presetter and low/high-temperature, induction-heating machine allows users to shrink, preset, and inspect on one machine. It is available with manual operation, with scope or non-pc vision control, or as fully automatic with zero-positioning and vision capability. ShrinkSet works with HSK shrink-fit, coolant-thru holders, available in standard, extended, and extra-extended length sizes in CAT 40 and 50 V-flange shanks.

Original Press Release:

T.M. Smith Tool Introduces Unique New "ShrinkSet(TM)" Tool Presetter for Shrink-Fit Tool Holders

Shrink-fit tool holders have made a major impact in the metalworking industry over the past five years. The performance benefits of induction heating the tool holder and shrink-fitting a cutting tool into it with a very close interference fit provides consistent concentricity, improved balance and excellent rigidity.

However, up until now, having the ability to accurately preset cutting tools in those shrink-fit holders has been limited, particularly for step tools or countersinking tools. For that reason, T.M. Smith has designed, developed and applied for patents on a new "ShrinkSet(TM) combination vertical presetter and low/high temperature induction heating machine.

Lee Flick, T.M. Smith director of engineering and manufacturing, says, "The key to properly presetting these shrink-fit tools is to preset on the fly without the need for preset screws or measuring fixtures. The only other systems available today are horizontal, multi-station machines that take up too much room and require too many separate pieces of equipment. Our machine gives the user the ability to shrinks preset and inspect on one machine. It is available with either manual operation with a scope or a non-pc vision control, or fully automatic with "0" positioning and vision capability."

Flick adds, "The application of shrink-fit tool holders is currently a dynamic process. We are learning everyday about the limitations of the process as it relates to; the gripping of HSS and carbide tools, the required expansion temperatures, as well as the duration and range of temperature required to keep the tool moveable before the steel shrinks and grips the tool. If the user is going to shrink both HSS and carbide tools it is imperative that a high temperature induction-heating unit be used. However, with smaller diameter HSS cutting tools, under 3/8-in diameter, the holder and cutting tool expand at the same rate. Once the tool has been inserted you can't remove it."

In addition to offering the ShrinkSet presetting machine, T.M. Smith offers shrink-fit holders in inch and metric bores in USA and DIN designs. Standard, extended and extra-extended length sizes in CAT 40 and 50 V-flange shanks are available. These V-flange designs are production-balanced and conform to ANSI Standard B5.50. The tapers are ground to ISO-1947 AT3 taper tolerances. Coolant is thru the tool holder with an axial adjustment screw. Coolant is thru the tool holder with an axial adjustment screw.

The new HSK shrink-fit holders utilize "Form A" shanks that conform to the DIN 69882 Standard. These are coolant-thru holders with axial adjustment screws. Production balancing is standard. Dynamic balancing is optional. The HSK shrink-fit tool holders are available in HSK-63A and HSK-100A stub length sizes; HSK-32A, HSK-40A, HSK 50A, HSK-63A, and HSK-100A standard lengths in USA designs. They area also available in HSK-32A, HSK-40A, HSK-50A, HSK-63A and HSK 100A metric bore extended length sizes. Inch and metric bore standard length sizes with the DIN design are available in 50A, 63A, 80A and 100A standard lengths.

T.M. Smith Tool International Corporation was founded in the 1957. It is a leader in the design and manufacture of quick change tool holders for drilling, reaming and tapping. Overtime it has become well known, particularly in the worldwide automotive industry, for quality and innovative design and engineering. The company currently holds over 60 U.S. and international patents in tool holding technology.

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