Tool performs cutting, stripping, and crimping.

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Designed for preparing wire ends, stripax® plus 2.5 works with wire cross sections from 20-14 AWG. Complying with DIN 46228 P4 requirements, crimping ferrules are stored in tool and inserted automatically in strips of 50. Crimping cylinder can be positioned using adjusting wheel, which audibly snaps into place, preventing errors in positioning and protecting tool from damage. Tensioning clamp features closed lug to prevent spring from becoming detached.

Original Press Release:

The stripax® Plus 2.5 - Combining Three Functions in One Tool, it Never Leaves Your Hand!

Richmond, VA (July 26, 2005) - Completely redeveloped and better than ever, the stripax® plus 2.5 combines three functions in a single tool: cutting, insulation stripping, and crimping. This precision tool can be used for a variety of tasks, including carrying out manual wiring and crimping ferrules to wires. The stripax® plus 2.5 is designed to work with wire cross-sections from 20...14 AWG. Crimping ferrules are stored in the tool and inserted automatically in strips of 50. The stripax® plus 2.5 uses taped ferrules, and wires are inserted from the side. The crimped ferrules comply with DIN 46228 P4 requirements, and a ratchet guarantees the quality of the crimp. With the stripax® plus 2.5, it is now possible to prepare wires for connection using just one tool-and you never have to set it down. Designed using cutting-edge ergonomic principles, the stripax® plus 2.5 maximizes productivity while minimizing user fatigue.

The stripax® plus 2.5 was designed for ease of use and handling. The crimping cylinder can be precisely positioned using an adjusting wheel to set the crimping zone, which can fit a wire cross-section or a ferrule size. The adjusting wheel audibly snaps into place, preventing errors in positioning the cylinder and protecting the tool from damage. Durable and strong, the crimping cylinder, knuckle, and toggle joints are all made of hardened steel. The crimping cylinder itself is enclosed in a protective casing, which increases the stability of the tool.

The stripax® plus 2.5 technical enhancements include an improved locator, an upgraded blade clamping fixture and an end-position absorber. The sloping surface of the locator allows stripped insulation waste to fall easily out of the tool. The tensioning clamp now has a closed lug that prevents the spring from becoming detached. In addition, the extended absorber travel stop results in a smoother insulation stripping process.

Weidmuller developed the stripax® plus 2.5 in response to numerous customer requests for simplified work flow in electrical installation, switchgear cabinet, and distribution board construction. Three functions in a single tool result in considerable savings in both time and costs; the user is now able to prepare the wire ends with a single tool. The tool is designed for a wide range of wire cross-sections, enabling an equally wide range of application uses.

Cutting: Thanks to the integrated cable cutter, it is possible to cut wires to a precise length with the stripax® plus 2.5.
Stripping insulation: Simply place the wire in the insulation stripping unit, squeeze the handles and remove the wire - stripped of insulation.

Crimping: Insert the stripped wire into the crimp die from the side. Automatically fed-in, the ferrule is already in position. Squeeze the handles. Remove the crimped wire.

Set the adjusting wheel when required: Press the adjusting wheel and turn to the required wire cross-section range. Watch and hear the crimping cylinder snap into position. Three ranges can be set using the adjusting wheel: 0.5...0.75 mm²; 1.0...1.5; 2.5 mm². (20 . . .18 AWG; 17 . . .15 AWG; 13 AWG)

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