Tool Kit facilitates encoder installation.

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Mercury(TM) encoder installation kit expedites cleaning, mounting, and sensor alignment procedures. Suited for use with evaluation units or installing limited quantities of Mercury encoders, as many as 4 Mercury encoders can be installed per kit. Each kit contains 2-part epoxy, silicone adhesive, and powder-free finger cots in addition to cleaning tissues, sensor alignment gage, and metric or US socket head cap screws, washers, and matching hex wrench.

Original Press Release:

MicroE Systems Offers Mercury(TM) Encoder Installation Kits Saves Time and Adds Convenience

May 20, 2004, Natick MA, USA
MicroE Systems announces the availability of four Mercury(TM) encoder installation kits. These kits are ideal for use with evaluation units or for installing limited quantities of Mercury encoders. Designed to expedite the cleaning, mounting and sensor alignment procedures, these installation kits save time and add convenience by providing all necessary supplies. Kits are available for linear and rotary encoder models with US standard hardware or linear and rotary models using Metric hardware. As many as four Mercury encoders can be installed per kit. The installation kits are not compatible vacuum encoder models. Each kit contains the following:

· Two-part epoxy
· Silicone adhesive
· Powder-free finger cots
· Cleaning tissues (pre-moistened with alcohol)
· Metric or US socket head cap screws, washers and a matching hex wrench
· Sensor alignment gage for verifying sensor height

The Mercury(TM) encoder family includes 21 models in programmable, digital, analog, and vacuum compatible styles. The company also manufacturers the ChipEncoder(TM) digital encoder family. At 6mm square, ChipEncoder(TM) is the smallest high performance optical encoder in the industry. Visit for details. MicroE Systems, a division of GSI Lumonics, is the leader in encoder innovation and is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

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