Tool Cabinet helps prevent foreign object damage.

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Mobile Workcenter FOD Cabinet has drawers with foam inserts that feature cut profiles for individual tools. Inserts make tool absence evident and protect tools. Unit comes with one wide drawer, located below cabinet surface. Mix and match options include 2 banks of drawers or one bank of drawers and cabinet with hinged door. Each drawer holds up to 400 lb and glides on roller-bearing carriage system. Casters are available to hold up to 1,200 lb.

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Stanley Vidmar Introduces The Mobile Workcenter FOD Cabinet

New product helps technicians find tools quickly and prevent foreign object damage.

Allentown, PA, Dec. 17, 2004 - Tools have sometimes been mistakenly left in aircraft, vehicles, or other machines after maintenance. The consequences can range from lost tools, to expensive, and sometimes dangerous, damage to a machine. The latter is called foreign object damage or FOD.

Stanley Vidmar has addressed the problem by offering its Mobile Workcenter as a FOD Cabinet. Foam inserts in the Cabinet's drawers are cut with profiles of individual tools. The inserts reduce both FOD and tool loss by making it obvious when tools are missing, and make technicians more productive by making it easy for them to find tools when needed. The inserts also reduce tool damage due to improper storage.

As is true with all Stanley® Vidmar® Mobile Workcenters, the new FOD Cabinet comes with one wide drawer just below the cabinet surface. From there, users can mix and match options, whether they choose two banks of drawers, or one bank of drawers and a cabinet with a hinged door. This modular approach lets them configure the cabinet to their particular tool collection.

The new cabinet will support even the heaviest tool collection. Each drawer holds up to 400 pounds, and glides on a roller-bearing carriage system that's guaranteed against failure. Users can upgrade the standard 900 lb. capacity casters to 1200 lb. capacity spring-loaded casters, if needed.

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