To Meet Performance Demands of Installers, Personna Introduces New ArmorEdge(TM) Carpet and Flooring Blades, and an All New White Lightning Aluminum(TM) Fixed Blade Carpet Knife

VERONA, Va. – Personna, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality carpet and flooring blades and bladed tools has introduced a new line of ArmorEdge™ Blades and the all new White Lightning™ Aluminum Fixed Blade Carpet Knife to meet the toughest demands of today's carpet and flooring installers. As the housing market begins to grow again, and new, more durable products like luxury vinyl tile gain traction, these new blades and knives are destined to become the tools of choice for flooring and carpet installers nationwide.

Recognized as the leader in specialty blades and bladed tools, Personna's carpet and flooring blades and knives push the boundaries of blade technology. Living up to a 135-year tradition of quality and innovation, these new ArmorEdge™ Blades are the sharpest and most durable ever made by Personna and are perfect for handling today's toughest projects and products.

"As installers, we love to complain about the durability of our blades and the quality of our tools," explains Robert Varden, Executive Director of the International Certified Flooring Installers Association (CFI), and a Technical Advisor for Personna. "The simple fact is that carpets themselves are being made with more filler and new products like luxury vinyl tile flooring are much tougher to handle. To keep up with these advances, blade manufacturers need to innovate too. Personna has done just that with the new 'ArmorEdge' blade. By far, these are the sharpest and most durable blades I've seen."

According to Bob Senesac, Director of Marketing, Personna Industrial, one of the exciting product innovations the company is introducing for 2013 is the re-design of a 20-year old classic, the fixed blade carpet knife. "We gave this carpet knife a complete makeover, with a new design that delivers all the features the pro end-user wants, to make this the best knife system the market has ever seen," said Mr. Senesac.

Personna's new ArmorEdge Carpet Blades and LVT blades are the sharpest and most durable blades they have ever made, thanks to their proprietary grinding process. ArmorEdge Carpet Blades have been engineered to be sharper and more durable than ever before.  They feature round and square edges and come in convenient 10-blade dispenser packs.

Personna, formerly American Safety Razor, is one of the largest producers of professional, medical, and industrial blades with manufacturing facilities in North America. Personna is dedicated to creating blades and bladed products that satisfy the needs of professional, medical and industrial customers. From the most basic to the most advanced product, Personna's goal is to deliver quality, performance and innovation.

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