TMP Offers Silicone Feeders for Hydraulic Presses

Cleveland, OH: Technical Machine Products (TMP) is a global supplier of new and rebuilt presses, and mixers for the rubber, composite and lamination markets. One growing market segment is the molding of gum silicone rubber into parts for the automotive, medical and other industries. TMP has engineered and developed, as part of their hydraulic-press systems, equipment to automate the feeding of silicone strip, slab or "pig" stock into these presses.

Various types of TMP silicone feeders are now available for both injection and compression molding. TMP offers feeders for both their custom TECHNI-MOLD(TM) line of injection and compression presses, as well as their economical MAXIM(TM) press lines.

Three Types of Silicone Feeders

For strip-feeding of silicone, TMP has Strip-Assist Conveyors. "Silicone strip has low green strength and can separate unless it is supported as it is fed into an injection unit. Our Strip-Assist Conveyors insure continuous feeding," says Robert Kyle, TMP's Chief Engineer.

As an alternative to strip feeding, TMP offers Silicone Stuffers to feed injection presses. The Silicone Stuffer assembly contains a reservoir and ram, allowing the operator to intermittently load the stuffer with silicone material, while the ram feeds the press injection unit as needed.

Lastly, TMP offers silicone Stuffer/Screw-Feeder Systems to feed transfer pots used in compression molding. The stuffer feeds the screw, which is programmed to load the transfer pot as needed - all within the normal molding cycle. "Combined with TMP Controls, these systems help automate cold pot transfer molding and make this process a viable alternative to rubber injection molding," adds Kyle.

TMP feeder systems can normally be retrofitted to other brands of injection or compression presses.

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