Titanium Tweezers provide critical process benefits.

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Ranging from 4.25-5 in. long, 9 styles of lightweight titanium tweezers with purpose-configured tips are optimized for strength, endurance, and avoiding contamination. They will not shed microscopic particles and are truly non-magnetic. Suited for semiconductor device fabrication and other clean room operations, tweezers exhibit resistance to abrasion as well as corrosion and are heat-tolerant to 800°F. Tensile strength maintains tip integrity without re-sharpening.

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Titanium Tweezers Bring Critical Process Benefits

Titanium hand tools are the best-practice solution when strength, endurance and avoiding contamination matter. While these advantages make titanium a natural choice for sensitive applications, cost has limited its use in the tweezer market until recently.

High-quality titanium tweezers from Switzerland now are available from Aven, Inc., a global supplier of instruments and professional tools for electronics, scientific and manufacturing users.

Nine styles of lightweight titanium tweezers with purpose-configured tips are ideal for semiconductor device fabrication and other clean room operations because they don't shed microscopic particles, unlike stainless steel models. They also are truly non-magnetic, with zero retention of charges - an important guarantee when working in a magnetic field or handling magnetic materials.

For laboratory and clinical users in the life sciences, titanium tweezers bring assurance of biocompatibility. This maintains cell integrity and avoids inflammatory response.

"Chipmakers, micro-assemblers and health professionals are among those switching to precision titanium tweezers," says Mike Shahpurwala, president and chief marketing officer of Aven. "They're also affordable and practical for jewelers, gemologists and hobbyists seeking the safest way to handle tiny valuables."

These benefits apply to critical processes in varied settings:

  • Abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistant and heat tolerant to 800 degrees Fahrenheit (430 Celsius).
  • Solder doesn't adhere to tips.
  • Hand fatigue is reduced because titanium alloy tweezers are 50% lighter than traditional versions, without sacrificing strength.
  • Anti-glare finish eases eye strain.
  • Tensile strength maintains tip integrity without re-sharpening.

    Durability in extreme environments, including contact with most acids or chemicals, makes these tweezers ideal for biology, forensics, histology and other medical, veterinary or lab situations. The ergonomically shaped tools also are useful in electron microscopy.

    "We're proud to be the first to bring a product line of performance-assured titanium tweezers to the specialty tools market at an affordable price," says Shahpurwala.

    Aven's function-designed models are 4.25 inches (110 mm) to 5 inches (130 mm) long, and each is available in two models.

    For more information, call Aven at (734) 973-0099 or visit www.aveninc.com.

    Aven will be at Booth S-3961 of the Worldwide Food Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago from Oct. 28-31, 2009 and at the Productronica 2009 international trade fair in Munich, Germany, from Nov. 10-13, 2009.

    Aven, Inc. is an international source of high-performance precision tools and optical inspection systems for industrial, scientific, research and education applications. Product lines include alignment tools, video inspection systems, magnifiers, precision knives, pliers and cutters, illumination equipment and other workbench solutions.

    An electronics innovator since 1983, Aven is located in a high-tech corridor of Southeast Michigan and is the parent company of SharpVue, which designs and manufactures integrated digital microscope technology.

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