Tire Changers suit autos, light trucks, and motorcycles.

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Snap-on® Workhorse Tire Changer handles passenger car and light truck tires and wheels. It features high-speed inflation jets in clamping jaws and 5-gallon external surge tank. Unit accommodates wheels up to 12 in. wide and 39 in. in diameter. Snap-on® Motorcycle/ATV Tire Changer provides rim clamp-style tire changer with motorcycle jaws, motorcycle mounting head, and bead-breaker blade. It handles 15-21 in. motorcycle tires, 8-15 in. ATV tires, and 10-18 in. passenger car tires.

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Snap-on Tools Introduces Tire Changers for Auto, Light Truck and Motorcycle Tires

New Models Span a Variety of Applications for Tire-Service Shops KENOSHA, Wis., April 21, 2004 - Two new tire changer models from Snap-on Tools Company cover a range of tire sizes, types and applications for automobiles, light trucks and motorcycles. The new Snap-on® Workhorse Tire Changer (EEWH306A) offers durability, economy and expandability options for handling passenger car and light truck tires and wheels. The new Snap-on® Motorcycle/ATV Tire Changer (EEWH310A) is suited to the specific needs of servicing motorcycle tires and wheels, while also handling passenger car tires. The Snap-on Workhorse Tire Changer is designed to serve the primary needs of tire service shops, by servicing 90 percent of the most common tires and wheels. An optional adapter allows the unit to expand and accommodate most ATV and motorcycle tires and wheels. The tire changer features a Euro-style design proven in shops around the world, combined with many of the industry-leading features of Snap-on's premium tire changer models. The Snap-on Workhorse Tire Changer offers an array of high-end features that add up to faster throughput and higher productivity for tire service shops. These features include high-speed inflation jets in the clamping jaws and a five-gallon external surge tank, which provide superior inflation pressure. The Workhorse model accommodates wheels up to 12 inches wide. A special rim clamp design allows outside-in or inside-out clamping, with an outside clamping rim diameter capacity of 10 to 18 inches and an inside clamping rim diameter capacity of 12 to 20 inches. Tires up to 39 inches in diameter can be serviced using the changer. The unit includes a side-mounted bead breaker. An optional pneumatic bead assist offers extra help for mounting and de-mounting low profile and run-flat tires. The model's .57-inch thick turntable includes twin cylinders for strong, even clamping power that holds wheels tightly and protects expensive wheel rims from damage during clamping. Plastic jaw protectors provide an extra measure of damage-protection for wheel rims. Snap-on Motorcycle/ATV Tire Changer Meets Growing Need Snap-on's new Motorcycle/ATV Tire Changer responds to a need created by the fast-growing motorcycle and ATV market and the evolving design of ever-larger motorcycle/ATV tires. The unit provides tire service shops with a rim clamp-style tire changer that features motorcycle jaws, a motorcycle mounting head and a smaller bead-breaker blade. The tire changer can be used on most common passenger car tires and wheels for added versatility. A versatile outside clamping capability enables the Snap-on Motorcycle/ATV Tire Changer to handle 15- to 21-inch motorcycle tires, 8- to 15-inch ATV tires and 10- to 18-inch passenger car tires. Tire service technicians will find the Motorcycle/ATV Tire Changer easy and safe to operate. A vertically and laterally adjustable one-piece mounting head enables easy positioning of the head relative to the rim, while a foot-operated inflation gauge allows operators to use both hands to position the tire and rim during inflation. Special features include a large bead breaker, required for soft sidewall ATV tires; raised clamping jaws that provide turntable clearance when clamping knobby motorcycle tires and wide-profile ATV tires; a double-acting bead breaking cylinder delivering more force for ATV tires; a self-centering four-jaw chuck with two clamping cylinders to avoid damaging expensive motorcycle rims; and a special "clip on" bead breaker blade that allows the technician to change a variety of motorcycle wheel styles quickly and easily. Customers can find out more about the Snap-on® Workhorse Tire Changer (EEWH306A) and Snap-on® Motorcycle/ATV Tire Changer (EEWH310A) by contacting their local Snap-on representative or calling toll free 877-SNAPON-2 (877-762-7662). Snap-on Tools Company is a subsidiary of Snap-on Incorporated, a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of tool and equipment solutions for professional tool users. Product lines include hand and power tools, diagnostics and shop equipment, tool storage products, diagnostics software and other solutions for the transportation service, industrial, government, education, agricultural, and other commercial applications, including construction and electrical. Products are sold through its franchisee dealer van, distributor channels and company direct sales, including snapon.com. Founded in 1920, Snap-on Tools is a $2+ billion, S&P 500 company headquartered in Kenosha, Wis., and employs approximately 12,700 worldwide.

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