Tips to Consider When Selecting a Contract Manufacturer

Partnering with a contracting manufacture to produce your device is a process that requires deep knowledge of both the industry and the product.

When it comes specifically to injection molding contract manufacturing - these tasks of specialized work can include:

• Part and mold design,

• 3D printing,

• Injection mold building 

• Injection molding

• Assembly and packaging 

• Other secondary applications to complete a project

In order to assure that you are choosing the contracting partner that will help carry both parties into the earning margins desired - it is essential that a set of criteria is used to establish the perimeters for how to choose that partner, including the specifics of what things to look for.

1) Select a contract manufacturing partner whose production methodology and culture emphasizes safety and hazard elimination.

Most injection molding companies already understand how important on the job accidents and turnovers can have as an effect on overall cost. It also affects quality and timely completion of any manufacturing project.

This means you should always be sure your chosen contract manufacturer has a safety program already in place.

2) Demonstrates an excellent record of on-time deliveries.

Delivery-related performance metrics need to be tracked and improved on.

It is essential to choose a partner that already understands this importance, and has these metrics analyzed and available for you to review.

3) Lean manufacturing inventories and materials management systems can help reduce costs.

When you choose to partner with a contract manufacturer who uses lean manufacturing inventories and materials management systems - you will eliminate costs due to avoiding the purchasing of excess raw materials for a project

4) Stressing Quality as a Core Part of the Internal Culture.

Another huge cost saving step includes making sure that the injection molder you choose already has a quality assurance program with cross-checking systems in place.

This always avoids unnecessary costs as well as delays because selecting a contract manufacturer that stresses quality as part of their manufacturing culture - you have a staff of production operators who are already trained to assure the highest potential for the finished product.

This should always be a given for the project management for any new products to prevent missteps and errors.

5) Important Nuances of Supply Chain Management.

Anytime you are faced with a lack of supply chain experience or knowledge, you will experience the increase of the end product price when lower cost materials are not utilized.

In-house experts that have a plethora of industry knowledge will be in the best position to provide you with the mandatory advantages needed to get any kind of a market edge.

6) Employee Buy-In and Company Reputation.

These reasons should be compelling enough to highlight the fact that a well-established injection molding company that has been setting the industry standards for the past several decades would be a wise choice.

When choosing your injection molding partner - or your next outsourcing partner for your injection molded plastic component - consider Crescent Industries - we are one of the most trusted industry leaders.

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