Tip Changer/Checker/Dressers suit robotic resistance welding.

Press Release Summary:

Pneumatic tip changer automatically changes upper and lower tips. Cycle time on tip change is less than 25 sec. Tip checker electrically checks tip to ensure occurrance of full dress. It also provides for continuity check through robot and is able to provide alerts in case of improper or no dress. Tip dressers are available in pneumatic and electric Dual Head models, as well as electric tip In-Line and Right Angle models.

Original Press Release:

New Automatic Tip Changer, Tip Checker and Tip Dressers

Stillwater Technologies, Inc. announces the availability of a new tip changer, new tip checker and new tip dressers:

o Tip Changer (pneumatic) - changes both the upper and lower tips automatically in robotic resistance welding applications. The changer reduces costs by eliminating manual tip changes. Ensures consistent change of tips. The cycle time on the tip change (set of caps) is less than 25 seconds and a sensing device ensures tip removal and installation. Available in all types of configurations 5/8, ½, and ¾ inch.

o Tip Checker - checks the tip electrically to ensure a "full dress" has occurred. Ensures weld face size and results in quality welds. Provides for a continuity check through the robot and able to provide an alert in the case of improper or no dress.

o New Tip Dressers
o Pneumatic "Dual Head" (model A2400-2) - offers the ability to "dress" two different types of tips with one dresser e.g. dresses the side of one tip and dresses the face and side of the other tip. Light weight. The dual dresser is less expensive than purchasing two individual tip dressers.

o Electric "Dual Head" (Model E-4000 and E-4800) - offers the same dressing benefits as the A2400-2. The E-4000 can be supplied with a 115VAC or a 230VAC motor. The E-4800 can be supplied with a 230 / 460 V 3 phase motor.

o Electric Tip Dresser (Model E-4800-2) "In Line" - Stillwater can supply a 145C face motor and head assembly or provide the head assembly only to bolt on to a customer's 145C face motor.

o Electric Tip Dresser (Model E-4800-1) "Right Angle" - single head dresser and is supplied with a 480V 3 phase motor.

For additional information, contact Stillwater at info@stillwatertechnologies.com or visit our website www.stillwatertechnologies.com. Phone 800-338-7561 or fax 937-440-2551

Stillwater Technologies, Inc serving the industry for over forty years specializes in the manufacture of tip dressers and accessories, welding guns, and consumables including; caps, tips, hex adapters, holders and seam wheels. Stillwater's services include the rebuild and repair of all brands of welding guns in addition to repairing gun arms and tip holders. Stillwater's expertise in contract tooling and machining enables Stillwater to work in close coordination with customers, developing customized configurations to produce manufacturing solutions

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