Timing, Signal Conditioning Products address PCIeG2 demand.

Press Release Summary:

Aimed at computing and communications platforms, PI2EQX5804 and PI2EQX5864 address timing and signal integrity requirements of high-speed serial PCI Express Gen2 (PCIeG2 5Gbps) specification. Products enable platform designers to solve challenges faced when clocking and routing 5 Gbps serial high-speed signals inside chassis and allow signals to be extended outside chassis. Mux/demux with ReDriver(TM) capability routes signals across FR4 trace lengths to different locations on PCB.

Original Press Release:

Pericom Introduces 'Industry First' PCI Express Gen2 Timing & Signal Conditioning Products for Next Generation Computing & Communications Platforms

Pericom's two new product families are first to specifically address the stringent timing and signal integrity requirements of the high-speed serial PCIeG2 (5Gbps) specification

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 12, 2008 - Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: PSEM), a worldwide preferred supplier of PCI Express technology for connectivity, timing and signal integrity, today announced two 'Industry First' PCI Express Gen2 (PCIeG2 5Gbps) timing and ReDriverTM signal conditioning product families aimed primarily at next generation computing and communications platforms.

Both families are specifically designed to comply with the latest PCIeG2 5Gbps specification which is experiencing rapid adoption by next generation server, PC, storage, and telecommunications platforms. These new products enable platform designers to solve the challenges faced when clocking and routing difficult-to-design 5Gbps serial high-speed signals inside the chassis, and allow signals to be extended outside the chassis.

"PCIeG2 is expected to be broadly adopted in computing platforms," said Jag Bolaria, senior analyst at semiconductor market research firm The Linley Group. "The increase in data rate, however, could present significant design challenges. Pericom's signal conditioning and timing chips enable OEMs to confidently design systems using PCIeG2."

The first family of PCIeG2-specific signal conditioning products in the industry, the PI2EQX5804 and PI2EQX5864 PCIeG2 ReDriver conditioners are specifically designed to ensure signal quality of PCIe protocol serial signals over extended FR4 traces, through multiple connectors, and/or blade-to-blade across the back or mid-plane. The family also features a mux/demux with ReDriver capability for routing signals across even longer FR4 trace lengths to different locations on the PCB board.

"Driven by Gen2 CPU chipset introductions and design activities at our Tier 1 desktop, notebook, and server customers, shipments of PCIeG2 capable systems are expected to grow from about 10% of total systems in 2008, to over 50% in 2009," said Shaf Rahman, Pericom's senior director of switch and interface products. "However, that growth rate is coupled to a serious technology challenge. Since signal degradation takes place at a much faster rate when speeds are higher, useable trace length shrinks rapidly. Customers now view Pericom ReDriver technology as essential to enabling their platform operation and reliability."

The first family of PCIeG2 specific timing sources in the industry, the low phase jitter 'SH' Series HCSL oscillators are specifically designed to meet the stringent 3.1 picosecond rms phase jitter requirements of the PCIeG2 protocol.

"Platform designers implementing PCIeG2 are faced with complex timing issues such as precision timing source, quality signal replication, and jitter budget," said Kay Annamalai, Pericom's senior director of timing products. "Pericom provides a complete PCIeG2 timing solution with a combination of our new SH series very low jitter crystal oscillators and our previously introduced PCIeG2 multi-output clock buffer family. We are uniquely positioned with both quartz-and-silicon-based timing technologies, and our complete solution utilizes both to provide the best match in performance, size, and power savings for PCIeG2 applications."

PI2EQX5804 & PI2EQX5864 PCIeG2 ReDriver Key Features and Benefits

o 4-lane PCIeG2 differential signal conditioners enable bi-directional 5Gbps communication over FR4 traces exceeding 30 inches.
o Programmable receiver equalization provides input signal reconstruction optimized for trace length, to compensate for signal loss and jitter.
o Programmable transmitter de-emphasis & amplitude allows optimized pre-compensation of the output signal for maximum trace length and signal quality.
o Automatic receiver detection greatly simplifies system design for open slot and cabled applications where the number of active lanes is unknown at the design time
o Loop-back and mux/demux modes enable independent subsystem testing to make system manufacturing and field repair much easier.

SH Series PCIeG2 Crystal Oscillator Key Features and Benefits

o <3.1 ps rms phase jitter as defined by PCIeG2 standard -provides clean clock reference and enables reliable system timing with very low error rate.
o <40ps Period jitter - provides more timing margin for the PCIe serial link
o 7mmx5mm and 5mmx3.2mm ceramic package - enables integrating into smaller space for size-constrained systems such as blade-based systems.
o Direct HCSL Differential Output without any translation required - simplifies the interface to PCIeG2 Serdes.

For more on PCIeG2 ReDriver and Timing product offerings, please visit www.pericom.com.

Pricing & Availability

PI2EQX5804 and PI2EQX5864 are available now in production quantities and are offered in Pb-free & Green packaging. 10Ku OEM pricing is $7.55 for PI2EQX5804 and $7.25 for PI2EQX5864.

The SH Series crystal oscillator family is available now and offered in Pb-free and Green packaging. Pricing ranges from $2.5 to $4 depending on the volume.

About Pericom:
Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: PSEM) enables serial connectivity with the industry's most complete solutions for the computing, communications and consumer market segments. Pericom's analog, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits, along with its SaRonix-eCera frequency control products are essential in timing, connecting and conditioning of high-speed signals required by today's ever-increasing speed and bandwidth demanding applications. Company headquarters are in San Jose, Calif., with design centers and technical sales and support offices globally. www.pericom.com.

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