Time System wirelessly synchronizes clocks.

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GPS Master-Satellite Time System uses combination GPS and FM radio signals to synchronize all clocks in one system. Receivers capture atomic time signal from Global Positioning System (GPS) and master transmitter rebroadcasts time via localized radio signal. Satellite system clocks are not subject to atmospheric variances and self adjust to correct time. Clocks run on batteries that last up to 5 years.

Original Press Release:

New Technology Uses GPS Signals to Synchronize Clocks Wirelessly

Lake Geneva, WI -The Primex Wireless GPS Master-Satellite Time System uses a combination of GPS and FM radio signals to synchronize all clocks in a system. This new system is easier to install and less expensive than existing hardwired systems and is more reliable than either hardwired systems or clocks that synchronize via AM radio signals from the NIST. The Primex Wireless GPS Master-Satellite Time System incorporates a receiver that captures an atomic time signal from the United States government's Global Positioning System (GPS) to maintain official time and a master transmitter that rebroadcasts the time via a localized radio signal to all of the "satellite" system clocks. The satellite clocks then self adjust not only to the exact same time-to the second-but to the officially correct time. Bell systems can be synchronized to the system with the Primex Wireless Bell Tone Generator. (see attached release) Ease of Use Whether for new construction, renovation, or replacement, installation is a simple process, the GPS Master-Satellite Time System is easy and economical to install. Each system is made up of essentially two parts: a "master", which includes a GPS receiver and an FM transmitter, and an unlimited number of freestanding "satellite" clocks. The receiver needs to be placed where it can capture a GPS signal. The transmitter then broadcasts the time signal via a localized FM signal. Each battery-operated clock can be hung without having to be connected to a hardwired system. Since the clocks are not hardwired, the system is easy to reconfigure or add onto for renovations.

Labor Cost Savings
In addition to saving the cost of hardwiring, labor costs are reduced because the clocks do not have to be reset for any reason. Neither the master transmitter nor the satellite clocks need to be reset for power interruptions. The batteries last for up to five years and when you change the battery, the clock remembers the time. The replacement cost of these modern clocks is also lower than old-fashioned hardwired mechanical clocks.

Unlike ordinary quartz clocks, these new "satellite" clocks automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time changes. So, the cost for maintenance staff to adjust the all the clocks in a building twice a year on overtime hours is now eliminated.

More Reliable
This Primex Wireless GPS Master-Satellite Time System is more reliable than previous generations of clocks that received an AM signal from the NIST WWVB radio station in Colorado. The system synchronizes with the NIST, but the signal is instead obtained via GPS satellites and rebroadcast locally via FM signals. This new technology eliminates the atmospheric variances that an AM signal is often subject to. Since it captures its time signal from GPS satellites that rotate around the earth, the signal is not influenced by distance from any particular tower and it works anywhere in the world.

Compared to hardwired systems that operate off of pulses sent through electrical systems, the system is not subject to electrical surges. And while it is possible to synchronize computer displays to the official time, wall clocks are still necessary because people are not always in front of computers. Centralized, synchronized clocks make sure that everyone in a particular work environment has the same time and that is it the correct time.

For more a free demonstration call 800-537-0464 or for more information go to www.primexwireless.com.

Primex Wireless is a US federal government GSA supplier.
The Primex family of companies has been in existence for nearly 60 years and comprises over 300 employees worldwide in its marketing and manufacturing divisions. Its manufacturing division, Quartex, has made more than 100,000,000 clock motors in the last thirty years and developed and patented the Atomix(tm) motor.

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