Time Recorder offers control over small business payroll.

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Model 2400 Time Recorder provides easy-to-read recordings of payroll data to employers, minimizing cases of overcompensation and unearned leave. Featuring lightweight, compact design, it offers auto alignment with top loading and ejecting which eliminates misaligned, hard-to-read recorded hours. Unit also has 4-column time card to record morning and afternoon in/out punches. Backlit LCD and music melody alert for shift changes or breaks are included.

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Pyramid Technologies Helps Small Businesses Control Payroll Costs

MERIDEN, CT - Pyramid Technologies, (www.pyramidtechnologies.com), an established leader in the design and manufacture of time recording products and synchronized clocks, is pleased to announce the release of the 2400 Time Recorder, the newest addition to its line of time clocks.

The 2400 Time Recorder provides companies the ability to track employees' time and attendance with precision. This technology coupled with easy to read recordings delivers employers indisputable payroll data reducing incidences of overcompensation and unearned leave.

In addition to reducing administrative handling time and providing bottom line savings, the 2400 Time Recorder's light weight compact design is a space saver. Easy to set up and ideal for any business environment, the 2400 Time Recorder also features:

  • 4 column time card to record morning and afternoon in/out punches

  • Auto alignment with top loading and ejecting which eliminates misaligned, hard to read recorded hours

  • Large easy to read LCD backlit display

  • Music melody alert for shift changes or breaks

  • Starter kit includes: time clock, ribbon, 25 time cards and a 10 capacity time card rack

    "In order to remain competitive in today's challenging economic environment business, leaders must continually seek out means to realize savings," says John Augustyn, President of Pyramid. "We are very pleased to provide cost saving solutions to businesses nationwide and of our commitment to building easy to use time clocks that help companies better manage and control their payroll expenses."

    Full product specifications for the 2400 Time Recorder and information on Pyramid's full range of cost-conscious time keeping solutions can be found on www.pyramidtechnologies.com.

    About Pyramid Technologies

    For 40 years, Pyramid Technologies (www.pyramidtechnologies.com) has provided value-minded time keeping solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. Headquartered in Meriden, Connecticut, Pyramid manufactures products that range from simple mechanical time recorders to sophisticated time and attendance solutions to GPS synchronized wireless clock systems.

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