Time Line Analysis Software creates full reports.

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Time Line Analysis Software plots and reports relationships between each component's time in control loop. Software appropriately scales and plots the following items on time line: Sample Interval, Equivalent Dead Time, Filter Time, Integral Time, Derivative Time, Relative Response Time, and Dead Time. It also performs time evaluations between items. Color coded message bar is shown between each comparison.

Original Press Release:

Time Line Unveils Relationships For Optimal Control

Time Line Unveils Relationships For Optimal Control

Use ExperTune's new Time Line Analysis to help understand the relationships between the time of each component in the control loop. Each component should be at the appropriate time relative to other components. Correcting deficiencies in the time line will improve the performance of the loop.

For example, the sample interval should always be shorter than the dead time in the loop. If the sample interval is close to the dead time then shortening the sample interval will improve loop performance.

The software appropriately scales and plots these items on the time line:

* Sample Interval
* Equivalent Dead Time
* Filter Time
* Integral Time
* Derivative Time
* Relative Response Time
* Dead Time

The software also performs time evaluations between items. A color coded message bar is shown between each comparison. ExperTune evaluates the following:

1) Sample Interval compared to Dead Time
2) PV Filter compared to Controller Derivative Time
3) Controller Derivative compared to Controller Integral Time
4) PV Filter compared to Dead Time or Equivalent Dead Time (if second order)

ExperTune creates a full report in Microsoft Word including the Time Line plot, all the items on it, and the comparison ratios. The report documents your loop for future records.

ExperTune's full suite of optimization tools make it easy to increase the efficiency of your process. Use ExperTune software to analyze and tune PID loops in any industrial controller. ExperTune includes powerful simulation, modeling, robustness, linearization, valve wear analysis, pH linearizer, time series analysis, multivariable, statistical, frequency response and loop tuning tools.

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