Time & Attendance System highlights labor allotments.

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AutoTime 6 integrates time and attendance information with labor information. For day-to-day operations, dashboard consolidates information spread across several screens into single view optimized for supervisors. For shop floor users, touchscreen terminals review accrual balances, display current active jobs, and request time off. User-defined ad-hoc financial reports provide labor costs in real time. Unit interfaces with ERP software suites.

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Kaba Benzing's New AutoTime 6 Delivers Immediate Access to Enhanced Time and Labor Info

Integrated Time & Attendance and Labor Management System Reduces Payroll Costs; Instantly Highlights Labor Allotments

MIAMI LAKES, FLA. - February 9, 2004 - Kaba Benzing, a subsidiary of $690 million Kaba Holding AG and worldwide leader in time and labor management systems, today announced that its new AutoTime 6 time and labor management system offers a wide range of new features that streamline the collection of time and labor data for a variety of businesses in a wide range of industries. AutoTime 6 uniquely integrates time and attendance information with labor information as soon as the data is collected.

"Labor costs are a significant expenditure that negatively impacts a company's bottom line if left unchecked. This is especially true for companies whose employees contribute high value content in relation to revenues," explains Jim King, Director of Product Strategy for Kaba Benzing. "Too often, these businesses rely solely on the time and attendance process as their cost containment medium. This does not give a true picture of labor costs. By integrating time and attendance data with labor data at the point of collection, AutoTime 6 reduces payroll errors while giving management a real-time picture of labor costs, thus creating an accelerated return on investment."

The new AutoTime 6 time and labor reporting system provides significant enhancements for improved user efficiency and data presentation. With its highly configurable web time entry, the new time card provides greater flexibilities. To speed up the learning curve, the navigation panel looks similar to Windows Explorer. Users add favorites by merely linking them directly to their most commonly used functions. To simplify day-to-day operations for supervisors, the dashboard consolidates information that is traditionally spread across several screens into a single view that is optimized for that supervisor only. No longer must supervisors wade though extraneous information.

Shop floor users can use Kaba Benzing's line of touchscreen terminals to review accrual (PTO) balances, display current active jobs and request time off (PTO). User-defined ad hoc financial reports simplify complicated analyses of labor costs and provide them in real time. IT support staff can develop custom configurations of Kaba Benzing-developed templates. Report definitions can be shared while the data continues to be controlled by the AutoTime security system.

The new AutoTime 6 also is fully supported for Oracle 9i (64 bit) on the HP-UX 11i and the Sun Solaris 9. True 64-bit database performance is available without needing 32-bit libraries. It also easily interfaces with all leading ERP software suites.

"Most importantly, it takes most users less than ten minutes to learn to use AutoTime 6," says King. "Whether on the shop floor or in offices, everybody picks up the system quickly."

According to King, traditional time card users clock in and out of their jobs using optimized shop floor terminals, wireless devices or handheld PCs. AutoTime 6 records their activities as they occur. Elapsed employees enter their total time worked on a project and automatic users, such as salaried or support personnel, use the system on an exception basis, inputting events such as vacation or jury duty.

Frontline managers review their employees' schedules at a glance, observing a quick, real-time view of their workgroup. Managers of professional employees use AutoTime 6 to examine the amount of time worked, approve overtime and review other job requirements. AutoTime 6 is especially helpful to managers who oversee contract employees, such as consultants. For instance, the web-based system lets consultants log time from anywhere with their PCs. In addition, it provides a secure method of letting clients view and approve time posted to their accounts prior to billing. Likewise, it notifies consultants of changes to their timecards or alerts them if their timecard has not been received.

Payroll management and executive staff can see at any moment in time how many people are charging to an account.

"Service industries, manufacturers, distribution companies and project-oriented organizations will all find the new AutoTime 6 gives them a better handle on their labor and payroll costs," King adds. "Customers typically achieve returns-on-investment within three to 18 months."

The new AutoTime 6 is available now. A detailed listing of AutoTime 6's advanced features is available at www.kaba-benzing-usa.com/features. To request a copy of the new AutoTime 6 White Paper, go to www.kaba-benzing-usa.com/AutoTime/whitepaper.

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Located in Miami Lakes, Fla., Kaba Benzing is a subsidiary of $690 million Kaba Holding AG and a worldwide leader in time and labor management systems. From touch screen access and shop floor terminals to complex labor costing algorithms and reporting for SAP R/3 and other leading enterprise systems, Kaba Benzing offers an array of time and attendance and production data collection solutions. Kaba Benzing can be contacted in North America at 305-819-4000; website is www.kaba-benzing-usa.com. In Europe and Asia, website address is www.kaba-benzing.com.

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