Tilt Cart offers max capacity of 1,000 lb and 60° tilt.

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Tilt Carts feature adjustable, closed-loop, hydraulic dampening cylinder, which controls energy of load as it tilts, providing safe, controlled, tilt movement in full-to-empty applications. With tilt of 60°, assembly worker can pull part from container without exceeding ergonomic limits for reaching and bending. Options include working height, type of caster, floor lock, and hitch.

Original Press Release:

Topper Industrial is a Leader in Design and Manufacturing of Material Handling Solutions

Topper Industrial tilt carts are used extensively in the material handling industry. Setting Toppers tilt carts apart from anyting else on the market is the adjustable closed loop hydraulic dampening cylinder which controls the energy of the load as it tilts providing for a safe, controlled, tilt movement in a full-to-empty application.

The 60-degree tilt cart was recently developed to satisy the need to tilt past the standard 45-degree cart in order to reach longer parts placed vertically in the container. With the additional tilt the assembly worker can pull the part easily from the container without exceeding ergonomic limits for reaching and bending.

Engineering the the additional 15-degrees of tilt presented challenges due to the extreme shift of the center of gravity. The development of the 60-degree tilt required using counter balances and foot pedal return assist. The successful engineering means once the cart reached the 45-degree angle, it behaved the same as the 45-degree standard cart.

In order to keep the low center of gravity during towing and the ability to reach the far side of the container the frame was notched out of the side of the carts frame. This allowed the leading platform edge to go lower than the caster load height. This new design also minimized the possibility of a serious pinch point as the platform is tilted.

The 60-degree tilt cart comes with a variety of options including the working height, type of caster, floor lock and hitch (if tugged). It is recommended that the maximum weight of 1000 lbs be used on the 60-degree tilt cart.

For more information please contact Jim Klenke at 1-800-529-0909 or visit www.topperindustrial.com

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