Tie Strips on Rolls come in various colors and sizes.

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Tie Strips on Rolls are all purpose ties available in various widths for random cutting. Plastic ties are available in 3/8, 9/16, and 3/4 in. widths. Rolls offer cusyom tie lengths to bundle cable wires, lawn hoses, food container closures, and luggage identification and security. Standard Tie-Strip colors are white, yellow, green and blue with additional colors available by request.

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Plastic Tie-Strips on Tie Strip Rolls

Tyz-All Plastics, Inc. has been a manufacturer of plastic and nylon ties for over 32 years. Tie-strips ganged on sheets have been the signature offering and are available in yellow, blue, brown and black tie strip sheets. Reusable and releaseable plastic ties are used for multi purposes. Tie sheets do not always meet application needs when found on the standard size 5½" and 4½" Aro-Ties strip sheet. Therefore plastic tie-strips on tie strip rolls are our newest solution serving as a more suitable alternative in certain applications.

Tyz-All is introducing Tie Strips on Rolls in assorted colors. When the needs for Tie Strips are not consistent in length, rolls of Tie-Strips are available in various widths for random cutting. These all plastic, all purpose ties are available in 3/8", 9/16" and 3/4" widths to provide a variety of strengths. Our standard Tie-Strip colors are White, Yellow, Green and Blue. Upon request, we can provide additional colors.

Rolls serving a variety of needs with custom tie lengths for: bundles and bundling cables and wire, computer, electronics; hoses for lawn, garden, industrial, and vineyards; food bags and container closures, trash bags and travel and luggage identification and security.

Tyz-All Plastics, Inc. is dedicated to providing nylon and plastic (HDPE) ties and tie strips of the highest quality at a reasonable cost and delivered in a timely manner. A full line of cable ties is also available in assorted colors, sizes and cable tie styles. We strive to meet the tie strip and cable tie needs of all our customers and exceed their expectations.

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