Thyristor features front-mounted, digital LED display.

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Offered in 20, 30, 45, 80, and 100 A ratings, THV microprocessor-based SCR power controller features programming keys, 3 output modes, and base-up setting (output bias). Set values and input signals, checked and monitored via front display keys, can also be made with external setting unit such as variable resistor. Unit offers programmable phase control or zero-cross control and comes with functions for gradient setting, ramp-up/down, and high/low output limiters.

Original Press Release:

RKC Instrument Announces THV Thyristor with LED Display


SOUTH BEND, IN - RKC Instrument announces that the THV compact microprocessor based SCR power controller has added a full line of amperages. Designed to provide higher performance at a lower cost, it is now offered in 20, 30, 45, 80 and 100 amperes. The THV features programming keys and a digital display on the front, responds quickly to input changes in fast response applications, and offers programmable phase control or zero-cross control. Set values and input signals can be checked and monitored easily by the front digital display keys but can also be made with an external setting unit like a variable resistor.

The THV is packed with standard functions which include gradient setting, ramp-up and ramp-down and high/low output limiters. Additional features include three types of output modes and base-up setting (output bias). The THV operates at 100 up to 240V AC and automatically selects power supply frequency 50 or 60Hz. The series carries UL/cUL/CSA approvals.

For further information please contact RKC Instruments, 4245 Meghan Beeler Court, Suite 2, South Bend, IN 46628. Phone: 574-273-6099, FAX: 574-247-9657, email:, or

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