thru-FLO (TM) Pressure Sensor Features No Internal Dead Volume

A new sanitary thru-FLO(TM) pressure sensor, designed for in place cleaning that incorporates a one-piece element which has true zero internal dead volume is being introduced by DJ Instruments of Billerica, Massachusetts.

The DJ Model SFT Sanitary thru-FLO(TM) Pressure Sensor features a one-piece CP II titanium wetted element with no internal cavities that eliminates the possibility of trapped particles or contaminants. Designed for in-line installation, the thru-FLO(TM) sensing element is 3/8" I.D. with a 16 µinch finish, connections are made using a standard 1" O.D. Tri-Clamp, fitting and a sealed fine zero adjustment screw is easily accessible.

Fully autoclavable, the DJ Model SFT Sanitary thru-FLO(TM) Pressure Sensor has electronics and a stainless steel housing that can withstand 500 G's of shock. Pressure ranges of 0 to 50 up 0 to 500 psig or greater are available and combined linearity and hysteresis is <0.25% FS (BSFL). Typical applications include liquid chromatography, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotech and food processing, where frequent system flushing is required.

The DJ Model SFT Sanitary thru-FLO(TM) Pressure Sensor is priced according to special OEM customer requirements and quantity. Literature and quotations are available upon request.

For more information contact:
Michael Testa,
(978) 667-5301,

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