Threaded Caps & Plugs

Alliance Plastics now offers one of the most versatile and complete threaded cap and plug ranges in the industry. With 45 styles to choose from, in which 10 are new or expanded ranges. Standard materials include LDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene, Nylon, and Acetate.

Standard colors include blue, red, black, yellow, and natural. These styles are designed to protect your mating threads from nicks or dings that may occur anytime up to final installation. Our threaded caps and plugs mate with all of the world's most common thread styles which include:

oImperial/Standard threads From 5/16" thru 2-1/2" 17 styles
oMetric threads From M8 thru M52 8 styles
oNPT Threads From 1/8" thru 2" 7 styles
oJIC Threads From 5/16" thru 2-1/2" 6 styles
oBSP/Gas threads From 1/8" thru 3" 5 styles
oUNJ/UNJS From 3/8" thru 1-27/32" 2 styles

To view the complete product line; request a free printed catalog or request samples, visit us at or call us at 1-800-832-8677

About Alliance Plastics

Alliance Plastics is a manufacturer and distributor of protection and finishing components for a wide range of industries and applications. Alliance Plastics operates predominantly in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil but has a global presence through distribution in Europe and Asia.

Alliance Plastics continually extends and develops its range of products. The company's extensive standard product range has proved a great success over the years, as more than 6,000 standard products are available from stock for same day dispatch. The company's full range of products, represented in the latest catalog, includes such product lines as:
  • General Protection
  • Caps | Plugs
  • Hose Protection, Bundling & Securing (TectorGuard(TM))
  • Masking Products
  • Electrical
  • Cable Ties and Clips
  • Fasteners
  • Pipe and Flange Protection
  • Finishing Components
  • Tube Inserts & Caps | Handles & Knobs | Bumpers, Feet & Glides

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