Thomson, PACE and Sagem's First IC Partner Choice Is Princeton Technology Corp.

Set Top Box (STB) Display Driver IC Design - Low Power Consumption, Multiple Functions, Reasonable Prices . Self - Sufficient Test Capabilities. World-Class Manufacturing Integration

The rapid growth in Asia is being driven by a surge in satellite set top box shipments, in conjunction with strong IPTV STB growth. Thomson, PACE and Sagem are world famous set-top box vendors, and they are all seeking solutions to meet the new market demand. That means set-top boxes with lower power and energy consumption and multiple functions with reasonable prices are important factors to be successful. Thomson, PACE and Sagem are all using Princeton Technology Corp.'s LED display driver/controller ICs and VFD display driver/controller ICs for their set-top boxes. Their choices of LED display driver/controller ICs and VFD display driver/controller ICs include PT6302, PT6965 (Thomson), PT6302, PT6964 (PACE) and T6955, PT6302 (Sagem)

Why do Thomson, PACE and Sagem all assign Princeton Technology Corp. as their IC partner?

In addition to meeting specific requirements from clients, being able to implement a WIP system (work-in-progress system) with fast delivery is an asset to the company. Princeton Technology Corp's LED and VFD driver ICs fit the market segment of front panel for Set Top Boxes (STB) that requires compact and integrated solutions. PT6302 is a dot matrix VFD Driver/Controller IC utilizing CMOS Technology specially designed to display characters, numerals, and symbols. PT6302 provides 35 dot matrix plus 2 additional segment drivers and 16 grid drivers. 248 types of character data (CGROM), 8 types of character data (CGRAM), 16 display digits x 2 bits symbol data, 16 display digits x 8 bits register for character data display and 2 general output bits for static operation are provided. Pin assignments and application circuit are optimized for easy PCB layout and cost saving advantages. The application of PT6302 VFD Driver/Controller IC includes microcontroller peripheral device and audio/video equipment.

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Princeton Technology Corp.'s display driver ICs for set-top box are designed to have low power consumption with high-quality and cost-effectiveness. Every LED driver/controller IC and VFD driver/controller IC is verified with their own test equipments and also Green and RoHS certified. Princeton Technology Corp.'s ICs follow the specific technology standard of SONY SS-00259, directive 2002/95/EC and 2005/618/EC of the European Parliament. Whenever you need standard ICs or ASIC display driver/controller designs, Princeton Technology display drivers give you the ultimate performance, value and quality for your display devices.

For IC manufacturing process, it includes CP (Circuit Probing), IC Packaging and Final Test. Princeton Technology Corp., as a leading IC design house in Taiwan, besides providing integrated IC designs with 12 solutions, they also support CP and FT. To save costs, most of the CP and FT tests in Taiwan are subcontracted due to frequent product changes and short fabrication periods. Princeton Technology Corp.'s insistence on one-stop service made them decide to process all tests themselves, in order to satisfy clients' specific requests. Therefore, Princeton Technology Corp.'s possession of their own testing equipment has become a competitive advantage in the IC market.

Princeton Technology Corp.'s testing equipments
For Circuit Probing (wafer size 5"- 8") test equipment, there are a total of 34 sets, with 4,000- and 5,700-piece monthly capacity, and its level of clean room is 1K. For final test equipment, there are 31 sets of them, with 15,000,000- and 5,500,000-each testing capacity each, and the level of clean room is 100K. With Princeton Technology Corp.'s patented Semiconductor Device Test System, every IC is required to be made with 100% success in the test results.

Princeton Technology Corp.'s years of experience have made their IC design and manufacturing integration ability highly competitive. Their R&D team has designed 12 IC solutions for different industries ,and they are DSC Solutions, IP Phone Solutions, Mobile Phone Solutions, Set Top Box Solutions, Home Theater Solutions, LCD TV Solutions, Multi-Media Speaker Solutions, USB Speaker Solutions, Lighting Solutions, Mini Compo Solutions, PTC PND Solutions and Car Solutions.


About PTC
PTC has utilized its core technical expertise and experience to successfully develop a series of energy-saving LED driver and dimming controller lighting solutions for applications including billboards, dimming fluorescent tubes, 3-way CFL, LED backlighting, decorative lighting and automotive interior LED lighting. PTC is a reliable partner for your future lighting solution needs.


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