Thin Client comes with Windows XP embedded.

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Based on 1 GHz VIA(TM) C3 LP CPU, Clever Client IGEL-5512 XP Premium includes Internet Explorer 6.0 and Media Player 9 as well as Java Runtime Environment, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Macromedia Shockwave. Microsoft RDP 5.2 and Citrix ICA 9.0 permit deployment of unit into Microsoft Terminal Services as well as Citrix Presentation Server environments. Clever Client offers analog VGA connector, DVI output for digital connections for TFT monitors, PCI slot, PCMCIA slot, and 4 USB 2.0 ports.

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New Generation of Clever Clienting - The IGEL-5512 XP Premium is now Available With Windows XP Embedded

READING, England, December 21/ -- IGEL Sets New Standards of Achievement and Flexibility With Regards to Client-Side Demands.

The leading global Thin Client provider, IGEL Technology, introduces the IGEL-5512 XP Premium, our first Clever Client with Windows XP Embedded. With a multitude of software functionality, outstanding performance, and plentiful memory, this powerhouse fulfills the toughest demands. There are numerous connection possibilities in combination with Windows XP Embedded offering a wide spectrum of expansion options.

With the IGEL-5512 XP Premium, IGEL Technology enters an expanding, booming market. Since the fall of 2004, the company's product roadmap has moved it from Linux based product offerings into Windows CE solutions and now onto the Windows XP Embedded platform.

The most versatile software functions and flexibility
The new Windows XP Embedded Clever Client represents a "top of the line" offering in a highly diverse IGEL portfolio. Standard components include Internet Explorer 6.0 and Media Player 9 as well as the Java Runtime Environment from Sun, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Macromedia Shockwave providing optimal support for Internet multimedia requirements. Local availability of these applications conserves valuable server resources and network bandwidth. The same can be said for the integrated ThinPrint-Client for network optimized printing.

The inclusion of standard, server based computing protocols, Microsoft RDP 5.2 and Citrix ICA 9.0, permits the deployment of the IGEL-5512 XP Premium into Microsoft Terminal Services as well as into Citrix Presentation Server environments. The Microsoft .NET framework, which supports the .NET applications, is also integrated into the IGEL-5512 XP Premium. In addition, the PowerTerm Terminal emulation suite enables entry into the world of the legacy host applications.

Hardware features with numerous expansion options
As with every optimized Clever Client model, the IGEL-5512 XP Premium reaches a top overall performance with the installed 1 GHz VIA(TM) C3 LP CPU and generous memory configuration.

In addition to the analog VGA connecter, the powerful Clever Client also offers a DVI output for digital connections from TFT Monitors. A PCI-slot, a PCMCIA slot, as well as four USB 2.0 ports, of which two are accessible via the front, are among the available interfaces. In addition, a serial and parallel interface, two PS/2 ports, and an input and output for listening to audio round out the standard configuration. Furthermore, the available array of drivers for Windows XP Embedded, together with an impressive Thin Client portfolio allows for a multitude of individual client solutions.

The IGEL 5512 Premium, like all the devices in the Premium series, has a built -in, industry standard PC/SC Smartcard reader. This allows the new Clever Client to integrate quickly easily into a PKI certificate based or authentication based solution ensuring a highly secure environment for server based applications and databases.

Cost Savings through Remote Management
The administration of the IGEL occurs with the world renowned IGEL Remote Management Suite, distinguished by its various configuration possibilities and functions. Supported by the integrated VNC components and the Microsoft standard protocols such as SNMP and Active Directory, the IGEL-5512 XP Premium can be administered remotely in various ways. As a result, clients will gain significant cost savings.

Dirk DÃrdelmann, Product Manager for IGEL Technology, commented on the new entry in the Premium Series: "With the new IGEL-5512 XP premium, we offer an extremely powerful product, which boasts an extensive amount of standard features. This IGEL Clever Client has great potential for functional enhancements, particularly for conversion of client and industry specific solutions. We are looking forward to the future to be able to fulfill our clients' most challenging demands within the realm of customization not only with our Linux Thin Clients, but also with the Microsoft XP Embedded clients furthering our reputation as a world-class solution provider."

The IGEL-5512 XP Premium is immediately available in black, PC-gray, or in two tone silver-blue metallic.

Further information about IGEL and its products can be found at:

IGEL Technology
IGEL Technology GmbH develops, produces and markets a full range of Linux-based and Windows-based terminals and thin clients. IGEL is a leader in technology and one of the top manufacturers in the world (ranking fourth among the most successful thin client manufacturers, according to IDC). The success of IGEL is based on four core
competences: Thin Clients: Our broad, cross-platform product line and enormous functional range of our innovative devices can be easily integrated into existing IT structures, permanently optimizing their productivity and efficiency. Development: Due to our superior expertise in terminals and thin clients, we are able to meet individual customer needs and offer major advantages with our diversified portfolio of hardware. Services: Our sophisticated support network ensures that customer requests are handled promptly and secures business continuity. Solutions: IGEL Clever Clients have been successful worldwide and provide special solutions for many types of industries. IGEL is a founding member of the European Thin Client Forum
(ETCF) and an affiliate of the globally operating Melchers Group.

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