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Threadlockers Can't Be Reused


Unlike liquid anaerobic sealant threadlockers, all APM value-added threadlocking enhancements are reusable and can be adjusted in one hour, one day, one year and beyond. APM self-sealing fasteners with optional threadlocking form a clean, dry system. No chemical fumes for employees to inhale and no environmental disposal issues. When liquid threadlocked fasteners require adjustment, they must first have their seal broken and threads cleaned before reapplication; a long and tedious operation.

Do you have a product sufficient for joysticks? Rocker switches mounted on joy sticks operating in environmentally hostile conditions need life-prolonging protection and benefit from the hermetic sealing advantages of APM HEXSEAL's® clear silicone rubber rocker sealing boots (caps). Designed to meet rugged specifications, they are also UL Recognized and RoHS Compliant. Operational Life of 50,000 actuations with a temperature range of -80°Fto +400°F (-62°C to 204°C). Also, mounted are two black and two clear APM HEXSEAL® pushbutton switch boots that meet IP 54/65 ingress ratings.

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SEELSKREWS® Protecting Solar Panels Worldwide Today, more efficient and less expensive solar panels are dominating the Green Power revolution around the world. Advanced photovoltaic technology and improved manufacturing automation are bringing solar panel prices down to compete with fossil fuels. And APM's stainless steel, self-sealing SEELSKREWs are holding them together. See the assortment. Thousands are mounted daily by leading solar panel manufacturers for environmental protection to 20,000 psi, protecting these Green systems against water, ice, dust, and dirt penetration. SEELSKREWs are also being installed on LED lighting enclosures to seal and prevent contaminants from penetrating and coating LED lens and support circuitry... another environmentally Green application. See our comparison chart.

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