Thermowell withstands oxidizing environments to 3600°F.

Press Release Summary:

Model NC15 has high-temperature ceramic sheath with thermal shock resistance and high-strength properties at elevated temperatures. Stainless steel support tube protects ceramic sheath from breakage while using adjustable mounting adapter. Thermocouple calibration types include C, B, R, S, and K with lengths up to 48 in. Unit has closed hot end and is gas tight. Applications include furnaces, power generating plants, gas-fired ovens, and combustion chambers.

Original Press Release:

Thermocouples for Oxidizing Environments

NANMAC Corporation has just introduced a new thermocouple protection tube which can operate in oxidizing environments up to 3600°F. The new sheath is a hard, high temperature ceramic with excellent thermal shock resistance and high strength properties at the elevated temperatures. It is available in thermocouple calibration types C, B, R, S, and K with lengths up to 48 inches.

Prices start at $319.00.

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