Thermoformable Type 6 Nylon comes in coils and sheets.

Press Release Summary:

Pennite 4508 impact modified, branched polyamide 6 contains 15% glass fiber. Material is heat-aging stabilized and colored black for service. Continuous service temperature is rated at 284°F with short-term peak performance at 338°F. Product is available in coils from .010-.093 in. thick and in sheets from .031-.250 in. thick with widths to 48 in. It is suitable for thermoformed high-heat and under-hood applications for engine shrouds, ducts, and covers.

Original Press Release:

Penn Fibre Plastics Announces Pennite 4508 Thermoformable Type 6 Nylon

BENSALEM, Pa, USA - Penn Fibre Plastics, Inc., an Ensinger Company, has announced the commercial availability of Pennite 4508, a thermoformable type 6, nylon. Pennite 4508 is available in both sheet and coil stock.

Pennite 4508 is an impact modified, branched polyamide 6 with 15% glass fiber, which displays considerably higher melt strength at low shear rates than comparable reinforced linear polyamides. The material is heat-ageing stabilized and colored black for service. Pennite 4508 has a continuous service temperature of 140°C (284F) with short term peak performance at 170°C (338F).

The primary market for Pennite 4508 will be for thermoformed high heat applications. The efficiencies of thermoforming will make this a very competitive material in under the hood applications for engine shrouds, ducts, and covers.

Pennite 4508 is available in coils from .010" to .093" thick. Master coils are available from 12" to 24" wide and may be custom slit from .250" to 24" widths. Sheets are available from .031" to .250" thick and in standard widths up to 48". Standard and custom lengths are available for both sheet and coil products.

Sheets and coils of Pennite 4508 are available in North America directly through Penn Fibre and also through the Ensinger/Hyde distribution network. The international markets will be serviced through the global network of Ensinger companies.

This new material offering supports Penn Fibre's long term commitment to the automotive industry. Penn Fibre has been supplying the industry with high performance thermoplastic materials in sheet, coil, and strip form as well as stamped washers and spacers for several decades.

Thermoforming trials for the material were performed by Adolf Illig Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. of Heilbronn, Germany. Various thicknesses were sampled with excellent results. Molded samples from the trials exhibited exacting reproduction of detail and an attractive surface appearance. General guidelines for thermoforming Pennite 4508 are available upon request.

For more information on Pennite 4508, as well as other proprietary Pennite formulations, contact their National Sales Manager, David Pincin at 800-662-7366, or email

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