Thermocouple Input Module fits company's micro PLC.

Press Release Summary:

Model TC1 11 T/C module clips onto side of T1-16S micro PLC, allowing alarming, monitoring or PID control functions based on temperature. It accepts inputs from type K, E, J T/Cs or millivolt sensors. Module is isolated via photo-coupler and dc/dc converter and has built-in functions including linearization, cold junction compensation, and burn-out detection. Each PLC can accommodate up to 8 I/0 modules.

Original Press Release:

Thermocouple Input Module

Toshiba has released a thermocouple input module for the T1-16S Series µPLC.

The TC1 11 thermocouple module clips onto the side of the T1-16S PLC. Each T1-16S can accommodate up to eight (8) I/0 modules, so it is possible to have 8 thermocouple modules on each T1-16S. The thermocouple module can accept inputs from type K, E, J thermocouples or millivolt inputs.

These modules are isolated via photo- coupler and DC-DC converter. Built-in functions include linearization, cold junction compensation, and burn-out detection.

The TC1 11 Thermocouple input module can be used wherever it is necessary to base sequential logic control on temperature. The TC1 11 allows the T1-16S µPLC to alarm, monitor, or control based on temperature. This includes:

Set PLC outputs ON/OFF based on temperature values.

Perform PID control based on temperature values (single loop control).

Sense temperature with thermocouple input card.

Use Transistor/PWM or analog output to control a heating element.

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