Thermally Conductive Polymers provide no antenna effect.

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Suited for heat sinks and thermal management solutions, CoolPoly® thermally conductive injection molding grade thermoplastics offer no amplification of electromagnetic or radio frequency interference and no magnetic coupling. E-series is electrically conductive and provides inherent EMI/RFI absorption, while D-series is electrically insulative and produces no signal interference. Features include thermal conductivity of 20 w/mk, thermal diffusivity of 0.1 cm²/sec, and density of 1.7 g/cc.

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Cool Polymers Introduces Next Generation Thermally Conductive Polymers for Heat Sinks

Metal Replacement Benefits Include No Antenna Effect, 50% Less Weight, Greater Design Flexibility WARWICK, RI (April 7, 2008) - Cool Polymers, Inc. announces the introduction of the next generation of advanced thermally conductive injection molding grade thermoplastics for heat sinks and thermal management solutions. They have numerous advantages over metal. Among the many benefits of the new proprietary CoolPoly® grades are they provide no antenna effect (no amplification of electromagnetic or radio frequency interference and no magnetic coupling), are up to 50% lighter than aluminum and provide greater part design flexibility. These polymers feature thermally conductivity with characteristics previously unavailable in injection molding grade polymers. The E-series grades are electrically conductive and provide inherent EMI/RFI absorption. D-series grades are electrically insulative and produce no signal interference and or magnetic coupling. Packaging engineers, designers and OEMs have a choice of ordering either compounds for injection molding, purchasing off-the-shelf parts molded from these polymers, or for unique parts or applications, having Cool Polymers provide complete injection molding services. Applications include electrical and electronics, telecommunications, mobile products, medical imaging, appliance, automotive, controls and power products, among others. Samples are available upon request. Benefits include: o No antenna effect, as previously noted o Heat dissipation equivalent to aluminum o Parts up to 50% lighter than aluminum o Parts can be injection molded with 3-dimensional complexity o Attachment is simplified o Parts can be produced at a lower cost than metal o Better utilization of the space available (that is, parts can be smaller) o Greater design flexibility along with greater ease of manufacturing o Better shock and vibration resistance o Exceptional value and available as a compound for injection molding, actual parts from stock or injection molded by Cool Polymers o More than 20 million parts injection molded to date for heat sink applications. In typical electronic power and air flow environments, CoolPoly thermally conductive plastics provide equivalent heat transfer to aluminum parts. Specifications of the polymers include thermal conductivity of 20 w/mk, thermal diffusivity of 0.1 cm²/sec and density of 1.7 g/cc. Mold shrinkage is minimal. The material allows new design freedom in applications previously restricted to metals. Cool Polymers, Inc. is the oldest and undisputed leader in thermally conductive plastics, with more than 100 million customer molded parts in use. The firm also provides off-the-shelf and custom parts made from these proprietary polymers, plus full design and prototyping assistance. Products, polymers and services also available from the company are thermally conductive plastics for dielectric heat plates, folded-fin heat sinks, thermal interface and gaskets, functional heat sinks, compression molded solid shapes, complete design and prototyping services, product assembly and packaging. For more information on the next generation of CoolPoly thermally conductive plastics with no antenna effect or free samples for testing, contact: Marketing Department, Cool Polymers, Inc., 333 Strawberry Field Road, Warwick, RI 02886 USA. Tel: 888-811-3787 or (401) 739-7602. Fax: (410) 732-6119. E-mail: Web:

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