Thermal Transfer Coders offer large format capabilities.

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NGT Series is comprised of 4 intermittent motion models and one model (NGT 6 CM) that operates in intermittent or continuous motion. Print engine can be rotated within frame to optimize print speed, foil consumption rate, and thermal print head life. While NGT 6 IM/CM/E models cover print areas from 6.3 x 4 in. to 6.3 x 40 in. at speeds to 11.8 ips, NGT 8 and 8 E models cover 8.4 x 4 or 6 in. areas at speeds to 9.8 ips with 300 dpi resolution.

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Norwood / Allen Introduces NGT Series Large Format Thermal Transfer Coding Systems

Applications: packaging foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, feed and grain and textiles

July 12, 2006 - Norwood Marking Systems / Allen Coding Systems introduces the NGT Series of Large Format Thermal Transfer Coding Systems at Pack Expo Booth #S-1502. Capable of producing the largest print area of any intermittent motion thermal transfer coder in the world and featuring a print engine that can be turned in the frame, the NGT Series Coders maximize production flexibility and increase print cycle speeds while reducing the cost of spare parts and consumables for large format coding applications.

Within the NGT Series, there are four intermittent motion (IM) coders and one model - the NGT 6 CM - that operates in either intermittent motion or continuous motion mode with quick conversion.

The NGT 6 IM can produce a print area up to 6.3 x 4 inches (160 x 100 mm), the NGT 6 CM can produce a print area up to 6.3 x 40 inches (160 x 1000 mm) and the NGT 6 E can print up to 6.3 x 6 inches (160 x 155 mm) at speeds up to 11.8 inches (300 mm) per second. The NGT 8 can print up to 8.4 x 4 inches (213 x 100 MM) and the NGT 8 E can print up to 8.4 x 6 inches (213 x 155 mm) at speeds up to 9.8 inches (250 mm) per second. By comparison, the largest print area that can be achieved with competitive thermal transfer coders is only five inches (127 mm) wide.

The design of the intermittent motion NGT Series Coders allows for the rotation of the print engine within the print module's frame, which enables the customer to configure the coder to produce the shortest stroke for any given application. Reducing the stroke increases print speeds. Reducing the stroke also allows the NGT Series Coders to minimize foil consumption and increase the life of the thermal print head, which dramatically reduces the cost of consumables and spare parts.

Based on a print area of 6.3 by 0.4 inches (160 x 10 mm), the NGT Series Coders consume 90 percent less foil and require 93 percent less thermal print head travel than traditional thermal transfer coders using a full width ribbon. With a print area of 6.3 by 2.3 inches (160 x 60 mm), the NGT Series Coders consume 44 percent less foil and require 62 percent less thermal print head travel than traditional thermal transfer coders using a full width ribbon.

The NGT Series Coders are ideal for foods packed in industrial bags and boxes for foodservice customers, pharmaceuticals and medical devices packed in blister packs, fertilizers and feed and grain packed in bags, textiles packed in bags or boxes and printing labels for chemicals packed in bulk containers.

With full clock and calendar functions as well as serialization, the NGT Series Coders can print fixed and/or variable data on a variety of flexible packaging materials and label substrates. Text and graphics, including a wide array of two-dimensional or RSS barcodes, can be printed with a resolution of 300 dpi (12 dots per mm) both horizontally and vertically. An unlimited choice of TrueType font styles and a wide range of sizes are available; six fonts come standard and there is space for 44 more.

The NGT Series Coders feature an integrated Ethernet card that allows access to a PC or network, which enables remote operation, monitoring and diagnostics of the print operation. The NGT Series Coders can also be equipped with an optional touch screen user interface on the control box, which enables operators to recall images from memory and handle simple editing functions at print time.

Manufactured in Germany with robust mechanics and superior components, the durable NGT Series Coders improve reliability and uptime to maximize production throughput. A pivoting frame provides operators easy access for maintenance and adjustments.

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Norwood Marking Systems, a division of Illinois Tool Works, has been at the forefront of innovation since developing the world's first hot stamp imprinters for the food industry over 45 years ago. Kingsley Machine Company has also led the way, having patented its first hot stamp imprinter in 1932. Joining the ITW family in 2006, Allen Coding Systems is a leading U.K. manufacturer of overprinting equipment. Today, Norwood, Allen and Kingsley continue as market leaders, designing and manufacturing a range of innovative thermal transfer printers, hot stamp imprinters as well as ink and embossing printers that code and mark for a wide variety of industrial markets worldwide.

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