Thermal Mass Flow Meter includes calibration validation feature.

Press Release Summary:

Available on Model FT3 Thermal Mass Flow Meter and Temperature Transmitter, Zero CAL-CHECK™ Calibration Validation feature checks for build-up on sensor that could affect calibration, further validates zero stability of meter, and checks thermal conductivity repeatability of sensor. Zero CAL-CHECK™ must be performed at zero flow to ensure valid test result, and if it is initiated by using FT3 View™ software, Calibration Validation certificate can be produced at conclusion of test.

Original Press Release:

Fox Thermal Announces Zero CAL-CHECK(TM) Feature on Fox Model FT3

MARINA, Calif. – Fox Thermal Instruments announced today the release of the new Zero CAL-CHECK™ Calibration Validation feature.  Zero CAL-CHECK™ is a companion test to the CAL-V™ Calibration Validation feature available on the Fox Model FT3 Thermal Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitter.  Where CAL-V™ tests the functionality of the sensor and its associated signal processing circuitry, Zero CAL-CHECK™ does the following:

• Checks for build-up on sensor that could affect calibration

• Further validates the zero stability of the meter

• Checks thermal conductivity (heat transfer) repeatability of the sensor

Unlike CAL-V™, which may be performed in the pipe and at process conditions, Zero CAL-CHECK™ must be performed at zero flow to ensure a valid test result.  Depending upon the configuration – insitu or out of pipe – zero flow will either be compared to a customer-established field baseline or a factory baseline.

Like CAL-V™, if Zero CAL-CHECK™ is initiated by using the free FT3 View™ software, a Calibration Validation certificate can be produced at the conclusion of the test.  A passing CAL-V™ in-situ sensor and electronics test, combined with a passing Zero CAL-CHECK™ test, provides complete validation of flow meter calibration accuracy, including confirmation that the sensing elements are clean.  This feature is of particular value in environmental monitoring applications such as flare and vents where periodic calibration validation is mandated.


Fox Thermal Instruments is a privately owned and operated company that is rapidly growing and has recently expanded their operations to a larger facility.  With the demand for monitoring devices growing each year, Fox strives to become the leader in innovative products and to provide exceptional customer service. Fox’s commitment to producing quality, cost-effective instruments has helped the company build strong relationships with its customers at home and abroad.  More information on Fox Thermal Instruments can be found at

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