Thermal Insulation stops heat conduction in tight spaces.

Press Release Summary:

Based on Insulon® Shaped-Vacuum™ technology, Thermal Barrier Insulation uses power of extremely deep, shaped vacuum to block conductive transfer of thermal energy. Because sizes and shapes are virtually unlimited, potential applications span wide range of industries, including medical devices, electronics, military, and aerospace uses.  

Original Press Release:

New Super Insulator Stops Heat Conduction in Tight Spaces

Thermal Engineers Always Knew Vacuums Were Ideal Insulators.

But Finding One Thin and Small Enough, That Was the Problem…

West Berlin, NJ –  Concept Group, Inc. has announced the introduction of a novel kind of thermal insulation, based on the company’s remarkable new Insulon® Shaped-Vacuum™ technology. The new thermal insulation uses the power of an extremely deep, shaped vacuum to block the conductive transfer of thermal energy.

Thermal insulation using an Insulon Shaped-Vacuum Thermal Barrier is far more effective than conventional insulation. For example, for roughly equivalent insulating ability, you would need a fiberglass insulator 40 times thicker than the new Insulon barrier. Even a completely empty air gap would have to be twenty-five times thicker than an Insulon barrier.

“Thermal engineers have always known how effective a vacuum is at blocking conductive heat,” said Aarne Reid, President and CEO of Concept Group. “Until now, though, that capability was beyond their reach, except in much larger-scale applications.

“But the scale limitation no longer applies. With Insulon technology, we can produce incredibly small yet completely effective thermal barriers – and we can supply them in almost any shape a thermal engineer might want. ” Reid continued, “We’ve already made Insulon barriers just 0.004” thick, and we can go even thinner than that. The physical fact is that a vacuum is a vacuum, no matter how thin it is. And once you remove the molecular pathway, heat conduction is stopped cold.”

Because the sizes and shapes of the Insulon Shaped-Vacuum Thermal Barrier are virtually unlimited, its potential applications span a wide range of important industries. Medical devices, electronics, military uses, and aerospace are just a few of the places where Insulon barriers will likely begin appearing soon.

“We encourage thermal engineers and designers in all fields to contact us about their potential applications for the Insulon barrier,” said Reid. “They are the ones whose imaginations will drive the growth of this extraordinary new technology.”

Concept Group, Inc.(; 800-424-7325) is an AS9001C-certified developer and manufacturer of advanced technology hermetic seals, vacuum-insulated products, and numerous other precision assemblies. Its products can be found in the skies on commercial and military aircraft, in spacecraft circling the globe, in the human body during cryoablation surgery, and even deep underground in oil/gas exploration.

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