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Thermal Imaging Video Engine has shutterless design.

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May 23, 2011 - Designed for handheld and portable applications, EyeR-Core(TM) consists of 2 boards connected with flexible harness. Platform has no mechanical components and provides flexibility needed to accommodate integrators and manufacturers. Along with digital video output, features include 640 x 480, 17 micro focal plane array; all-electronics design that contributes to compact size and reliability; and shutterless technology that lets engine work continuously while making corrections in real-time.

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Opgal Presents a New Thermal Imaging Paradigm - the Shutterless EyeR-Core(TM) Video Engine Platform

Press release date: May 17, 2011

KARMIEL, Israel -- Opgal Optronics Industries, a leading global manufacturer of innovative thermal and active-imaging solutions for security and safety applications, today announced the launch of EyeR-Core(TM), a new high-end thermal-imaging video engine (core) designed for handheld and portable applications.

Leveraging its years of experience in security applications, the new thermal-imaging video engine offers an outstanding image performance, ultralow power consumption, low voltage input, extremely short time to image, built-in digital video output, shutterless operation, and much more. Designed with the needs of integrators, manufacturers and customers in mind, EyeR-Core is an extremely flexible platform suitable for a wide range of applications.

"The new EyeR-Core engine packages Opgal's unique signal and image processing technology with 30 years of experience and expertise in the field. EyeR-Core is an ultracompact device with no mechanical components," says Sylvie Dascalu, Vice President Defense Business Unit. "In addition to its low power consumption, 640x480 17 micro focal plane array, EyeR-Core features our company's unique shutterless technology, which allows the engine to work continuously while making corrections in real time," added Sylvie. "We are extremely proud of this development, which fuses the best parameters this type of engine can offer."

The all-electronics design of Opgal's EyeR-Core ensures that there are no moving parts in the unit, which makes it smaller, more reliable, and continuously active. The unique design of the engine coupled with its flexible mechanical design and high image quality makes it the ideal selection for a variety of applications

"One of the unique features of the new EyeR-Core engine is its flexibility," says Sylvie, "which makes it a best fit for many OEM applications. Its mechanical design of two boards connected with a flexible harness makes it easy to fit even the smallest spaces. We strongly believe EyeR-Core has all the technology that this industry needs from a thermal-imaging core. It is the only core of its kind available globally. We could not ask for more."

Opgal's EyeR-Core will be showcased at IFSEC Annual Security Event, NEC Birmingham, UK 16-19 May.

About Opgal

Opgal delivers advanced vision and surveillance solutions enabling accurate insight into suspicious situations in adverse and harsh visibility conditions. Using state-of-the-art thermal and active-imaging technologies, Opgal leverages advanced electro-optics and image processing expertise to create high performance, versatile visualization hardware and software products for the security and safety markets. Founded close to 30 years ago, Opgal is a major supplier to some of the leading contractors and has as well as having hundreds of customers in over 50 countries. Opgal is co-owned by Elbit Systems and Rafael.