ThermaBlendTM Cooker

Mepaco's Model 170 ThermaBlend is engineered to handle a wide range of food applications from thick and viscous meat-based products to delicate soups and sauces. With its unique design, the ThermaBlend offers superior heating and cooling characteristics and is perfectly suited for cooking, searing, caramelizing, chilling, sautéing and blending.

Benefit from:
  • Up to 50% more heat transfer and better homogeneity than hemispherical kettle designs
  • Dramatically reduced cycle times for cooking as well as cooling
  • Reduced operation and energy costs due to improved efficiencies and durable design

    Mepaco is a pioneer in the meat processing and food processing industries. Since 1932, the company has led the industry in grinding, blending, thermal processing, and material handling solutions.

    For more information, contact Tom Hoffmann: Mepaco
    P.O. Box 538
    Beaver Dam, WI 53916

    (P) 920-356-9900
    (F) 920-887-0206

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